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ARIA 5 13-Aug-13 0:19am View    
First of all i should thank you for your reply, but it is fluent explain,
As the code shows i can find a class in specific assembly at run time, now suppose we have a generic method with the following signature:
T MethodName<t>() where T : IAuditable
While calling the generic method we must define a class type which found at run time.
The main problem is how i can call the generic method by the found class.
ARIA 5 18-Dec-12 4:19am View    
thank u very much.
ARIA 5 18-Dec-12 3:41am View    
hi Chester thanks,
i have one popup that contains some tools.
ARIA 5 17-Dec-12 3:42am View    
Thanks chester_it21
your solution dose not work,
i think after click on specific row we must cast datgridRow to specific class
however thanks for your help,
but i want show popup under specific row,so how to show popup at position of mouse pointer.
ARIA 5 16-Dec-12 7:18am View    
I've already reviewed this address,
but this method does not work because tooltip is not permanent.