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Comments by theskiguy (Top 27 by date)

theskiguy 26-Sep-22 7:57am View    
Thank you. Your solution works as well. Also, I appreciate the links for continued learning.

Edit: After continued testing, I also determined I can't allow "X-" alone without a number. Since I didn't include this stipulation in my original question, your solution still works for the original question. If someone else needs an expression to reject "X-" alone without a number as well as the other stipulations listed, Original Griff's solution works
theskiguy 26-Sep-22 7:56am View    
Thank you for the quick response and the explanation on how the string was created
theskiguy 1-Feb-22 15:34pm View    
Thanks for the ideas but I decided to create a function to loop through the Is_dirty variables in each user control on each tab to see if any are dirty. It is working good at the moment.
theskiguy 3-May-21 13:11pm View    
I appreciate your post but I tried all your solutions but I didn't have any luck. I was, however, able to resolve the issue. As a test, I turned on "Enable XP visual styles" and then the scrollbars reappeared again. I have no clue why this worked but I thought I would post this so others will know.
theskiguy 24-Mar-20 7:26am View    
That is similar to what I was thinking I would have to do. I do like your solution as it is a nice way to do it in a single line. Thanks,