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helianthus87 6-Sep-10 8:07am View    
You need to figure out how to place nodes and edges on scene to avoid colliscion and make the graph clear and easy to understand. There are plenty algorithms to draw trees, graphs, etc. But everything depends on certain type of graph youre going to draw, its complexity, number of edges, nodes. The easiest way i found (perfect for learning purpose, works fine for graphs with about 20-40 nodes, with more nodes even with large circle edges edges ovarlaying and cant really see there) is to draw nodes over the circle with straith lines between nodes. Easy to implement, animate or do anything you want.
helianthus87 6-Sep-10 7:55am View    
I solved it other (ugly) way but deadline is comming so hadn't much time to dig in. Thanks alot for this example ill try to apply this when product came back from client after tests with alot efficiency complains xD Im also going to start learning bit more about SQL for better understanding stuff im working with.
helianthus87 1-Sep-10 7:38am View    
So youre mooving cursor according the arrow and need to find yout if the cursor is below or above line defined by 2 red points, right? If that so all you need to do is get equation of line y=a*x+b then having a,b (you can get it solving 2 equations). Lets say you have cursor P4(cx,cy), then calculate y=a*cx+b and if y
helianthus87 1-Sep-10 2:56am View    
I just noticed that youre asking about WPFs list box and given example is from silverlight. I think there is not much differance but you probably can't use this exact example in WPF app. I'll change this code after work. Sorry for confusion.
helianthus87 1-Sep-10 2:53am View    
I know some basics about sockets, streamming buffers etc. so thats why i was asking about this. Dunno anything about I-Series architecture so thought thats the reason of such solution.