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Comments by KFLee (Top 17 by date)

KFLee 1-Nov-11 1:47am View    
Thank you. Turn the system object on would see the table which the bit I did not know,.
KFLee 29-Aug-11 21:53pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5
KFLee 15-Mar-11 12:30pm View    
thanks, have not visit codeproject for sometime; will test it.
KFLee 6-Dec-10 21:47pm View    
Hi, thanks, I shall test i. Backward compatibility is always a problem for many to keep the head above the water. We do use both ASP and But a matter of interest, why you think ASP should be dead and buried? It has a lousy strcuture I would agree but it works anyway! Your comment remind me those days when we would agrue strongly against Basic (now VB) as a language for the low intelligent? In 1980s, C/Pascal/Algol are the 'good' computer languages! Just wonder what is the best web language now a day?
KFLee 26-Nov-10 5:10am View    
can you be more specific?