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Comments by Ajit Kumar Nayak (Top 7 by date)

Ajit Kumar Nayak 16-Dec-22 9:05am View    
Yes..EXCHANGEMAILURL is the asmx service we use - and this functionality works on other systems but not on my laptop
Ajit Kumar Nayak 8-Nov-16 1:08am View    
it works for me. thanks
Ajit Kumar Nayak 28-Mar-14 7:00am View    
Can u please give me some sample
Ajit Kumar Nayak 27-Jun-13 6:45am View    
Hi Keith,

I understood what u said, I am explaining

I have developed a wcf service with 2 methods to fetch data from DB by executing a sql query

e.g . getData1(sql),getData2(sql).

Which returntype is MemoryStream.
When I add reference in my client application .
and pass query to the method getData1(sql)

Then returning MemoryStream is taking long time.

I have simple executed the query in the database and it is taking less time than the service is taking.

Why this so ?

Need some good solution from ur end

Ajit Kumar Nayak 17-Jan-13 7:47am View    
I know that,
Explaining my query

I have one map parent=Map<k,v>

i want when i put some condition

suppose i=1
then the map will be Map<k,map<k,v>>
for i=2
Map<k,map<k,map<k,v>>> like this where K,V has different values