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Comments by dhanasekaranm (Top 12 by date)

dhanasekaranm 20-Apr-16 7:15am View    
ok. Now it working as per my requirement. Thanks
dhanasekaranm 27-Feb-15 1:16am View    
dhanasekaranm 10-Nov-14 23:27pm View    
Yes. its windows application
dhanasekaranm 28-Feb-12 23:24pm View    
if select the values from xml

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<xsl:value-of select="$RolesValue">
i am not getting the value from xml. here the RolesValue variable as sting. Here how to convert the string to attribute in xsl.

here my xml is

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<eagledatas mca="testvalues">
<eagledatas mca="usedvalues">
dhanasekaranm 22-Jun-11 5:03am View    
hi in that link, i refered. but i am getting strugling to understood it. can you let me know, where i need to put the code exactly.