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Comments by Matej Hlatky (Top 81 by date)

Matej Hlatky 11-Aug-15 1:48am View    
So what is the question?
Matej Hlatky 1-May-15 5:41am View    
Hi, I'm not sure, what you want to achieve, but have you tried to print smiley face like this?
MessageBox.Show("Smiley face 😄")
EDIT: just copy symbol from
Matej Hlatky 20-Apr-15 17:19pm View    
for debugging purposes, you can check, if there are any pending changes to be saved before calling SubmitChanges() by calling GetChangeSet() method on your dataContext instance.
Additionally you can set the DataContext.Log property to Console.Out to observe executed SQL in the VS Output window.
Matej Hlatky 4-Mar-15 3:52am View    
check this article
But I still don't understand, why you need to wait for completition. Just do your "after" work in the completed event handler.
Matej Hlatky 2-Mar-15 14:19pm View    
Hi, have you tried to use different Graphics.DrawString method - the one with the rectangle parameter?