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arindamrudra 11-Dec-17 7:21am View
Could you please post your solution if you have done it?
arindamrudra 2-Sep-15 3:38am View
Please check my updated answer.
arindamrudra 26-May-14 7:47am View
Nice one...
arindamrudra 23-Jan-14 18:13pm View
Aru you getting the datatable properly?
arindamrudra 21-Jan-14 1:35am View
Awesome trick....
arindamrudra 20-Jan-14 1:13am View
Multiple columns need to be merged to a single entity and then you need to bind.
arindamrudra 20-Jan-14 1:10am View
So, always you will not get the 4 records and hence, you need to generate the labels dynamically.
arindamrudra 20-Jan-14 1:00am View
From client side to server side for passing the value, either you have to submit the form or you have to fire an ajax call and both can be done by using the jquery.
arindamrudra 23-Apr-13 2:49am View
Can you please check in your server there is proper link for CreateExcelDoc is available or not?
arindamrudra 19-Apr-13 8:41am View
Do you want to display in the Gridview like "1988-02-05" instead of "1988-02-05 12:00:00 AM" and then want to get the same in the print preview.
arindamrudra 12-Apr-13 7:02am View
Write Jquery or Javascript code if you are doing the copy side by side, means one text box contains value and you want the same in the other text box. Or if you want it from the last save of database, fetch and set the value in properties of a class and use the same to populate old data.
arindamrudra 11-Apr-13 9:38am View
Please check my updated answer.
arindamrudra 11-Apr-13 9:36am View
If you need the result like :
John Cena I want to purchase mobile 6 mas
CM Punk I'm looking for skin doctor 3 sam
Randy Orton I want to join french class 3 john

Please checke my updated answer.
arindamrudra 11-Apr-13 9:31am View
Then how you can write John Cena I want to purchase mobile 3 mas, can you please clarify
arindamrudra 11-Apr-13 9:19am View
It is not returning the Randy Orton I want to join french class 2 john result
arindamrudra 11-Apr-13 9:06am View
In the tbl_CommonWish the commonwishid contains duplicate. Is it correct value?
arindamrudra 8-Apr-13 9:46am View
What value you want to set for those null values in the model?
arindamrudra 11-Feb-13 1:20am View
Always returning NULL.
arindamrudra 11-Feb-13 0:18am View
+5 for your link.
arindamrudra 7-Jan-13 6:25am View
Duplicate question:
arindamrudra 7-Jan-13 6:14am View
Please clarify the below things:
1. You want to download the backup file from FTP to your local system
2. Database is in the same system, where you downloaded the backup
3. Restore the database
Am I correct?
arindamrudra 2-Jan-13 4:29am View
Is it a generic pattern for all the ToValue? Or only for this case you are getting this issue. I mean to say is it a data specific issue.
arindamrudra 21-Dec-12 1:38am View
Please check my solution.
arindamrudra 21-Dec-12 0:31am View
Your query will return only one value either 2 or 5. You are missing some thing.
arindamrudra 21-Dec-12 0:03am View
With in that While loop you want to insert? What are the column names or variable names that you want to insert in the temporary table.
arindamrudra 31-Oct-12 14:19pm View
@NaveenSoftwares - Can you please follow this link . Hope This will help you to learn new things.
arindamrudra 22-Nov-11 9:18am View
If you want to change the column datatype then you can use modify in Oracle. But in SQl Server Alter Table tablename Alter Columnname Datatype. You need to add a constraint for that. So, the solution of Lasly Genoese is good one and my +5 to Lasly Genoese.
arindamrudra 12-Oct-11 10:33am View
Thanks Tushar.
arindamrudra 10-Oct-11 13:45pm View
Thanks Alex.
arindamrudra 3-Oct-11 6:13am View
@Sathyanarayan.v.m Please check the code file of your page. I think the page is inheriting some other class despite the System.WebUI.Page.
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 4:42am View
Yes that is correct. But if I implement the "SHA hash value" checking then it will be very easy. I will create a service that will call the files serially and will be checked by .NET. It will take the least time to check (I think so). But there is delivery timeline, thats why I am searching for some easy way.
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 4:29am View
Yes all the files is there in my disc. Can you please have a look at OriginalGriff's solution (very good tip) and the 2nd and the 3rd link from walterhevedeich those are also of high quality. So I am trying to follow these ways.
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 4:17am View
I have gone through your first link before your post. But the third link seems very good. The second link may fail due to the number of files. The system may hang.
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 3:55am View
Thanks very good tip. I am going to search for "SHA hash value for each file".
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 3:53am View
But the number of file is very high, that is the issue.
arindamrudra 22-Aug-11 2:29am View
Abhinav, you shared a very good link, but I am not sure whether Sachin is really looking for that. I think he is looking for changing the database tables and their designs and in text box he want to see the column names or the datatypes.
arindamrudra 11-Aug-11 5:57am View
It is for web application.
arindamrudra 8-Aug-11 6:42am View
Can you have a look at this link:
arindamrudra 5-Aug-11 1:22am View
Check whether those are in same project or not? if not then check for the reference whether you added that or not. I am agree on the point of OriginalGriff.
arindamrudra 4-Aug-11 7:24am View
Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 4-Aug-11 7:23am View
You are welcome.
arindamrudra 4-Aug-11 7:23am View
Both the operation as happening at the same time? I mean "pluginmastertable" updates at the same time?
arindamrudra 28-Jul-11 2:08am View
Thanks for sharing your answer.
arindamrudra 28-Jul-11 2:07am View
arindamrudra 26-Jul-11 9:06am View
In code behind you cant use EVAL in c#. Use Eval and a ternary operator in your .ascx file
arindamrudra 25-Jul-11 5:59am View
+5 for both. AZADKUMARREDDY asked a very good question and Prerak Patel shared a very good link. Thanks to both of you.
arindamrudra 5-Jul-11 5:26am View
Thanks a lot. Always I will keep your suggestion in mind.
arindamrudra 10-Jun-11 0:03am View
Thanks a lot Sandeep.
arindamrudra 9-Jun-11 6:25am View
Check my updated answer and the instructions carefully. It will work.
arindamrudra 9-Jun-11 6:06am View
Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 9-Jun-11 5:57am View
You can test my answer too.
arindamrudra 9-Jun-11 5:56am View
Still not working it is giving the last instead of 2nd last. I used your query.
"select top(1) rank()OVER (order by iCityId_PK) as rank, *
from tbAD_City
order by rank desc". Can you please have a look at my answer.
arindamrudra 9-Jun-11 5:49am View
He wants only one row. It will return 2 rows.
arindamrudra 6-Jun-11 3:25am View
Very much concise answer and useful links. +5
arindamrudra 6-Jun-11 3:22am View
arindamrudra 1-Jun-11 3:36am View
The question is been edited. So now it is correct.
arindamrudra 1-Jun-11 2:31am View
He want 123.45 in stead of 123.46.
arindamrudra 30-May-11 7:25am View
Great work. I was also trying this one with XML. But could not make it. Thanks a lot. I also tested it and it is working fine. Great work.... My +5
arindamrudra 27-May-11 0:14am View
Very good links are posted. My +5
arindamrudra 26-May-11 8:18am View
Great, I did not know that one. Thanks a ton for the information. Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 26-May-11 3:34am View
Great, I told you always there is a better solution.
arindamrudra 26-May-11 2:53am View
Please check this link:
arindamrudra 26-May-11 2:50am View
Look for other solutions too. There may be another good solution for that.
arindamrudra 26-May-11 2:46am View
Check my updated answer.
arindamrudra 26-May-11 2:35am View
So you want the cumulative sum.
arindamrudra 25-May-11 2:48am View
then use itextsharp. tutorial link is here:
arindamrudra 25-May-11 1:00am View
Check my updated solution.
arindamrudra 25-May-11 0:37am View
Please check this link: hope this will help you.
arindamrudra 17-May-11 8:02am View
Amlan da you are correct. O kete dea Url koreche, ota vul. Uri correct (System.Uri).
arindamrudra 17-May-11 8:01am View
Uri objUri = new Uri(s); Url is wrong here.
arindamrudra 17-May-11 8:00am View
@Ramalinga you are wrong Uri is the correct one not url(Url), check the msdn, System.Uri and please dont edit the correct answer and make it wrong.
arindamrudra 9-May-11 1:21am View
Sandeep, I don't know why someone voted 1 for this answer. But, I also agree with you. My +5 to your answer.
arindamrudra 9-May-11 1:17am View
What is the error that you are getting? If you are getting "cannot find table 0" then please check the answer from Sandeep Mewara. Or if you want to bypass this problem then use, if((oDsResult != null) && (oDsResult.Tables.Count > 0) && (oDsResult.Tables[0] != null) && (oDsResult.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0))
arindamrudra 6-May-11 7:48am View
My +5 because, both of the cases are given.
arindamrudra 15-Apr-11 4:52am View
My 5 for sharing this nice link.
arindamrudra 7-Apr-11 0:59am View
Ok, no problem, I am very much close to complete this one. Hopefully I will rectify it. Thanks again for your attention and help.
arindamrudra 7-Apr-11 0:34am View
I updated my question and I wrote the functions that are responsible for delay.
arindamrudra 7-Apr-11 0:25am View
Yes, I gone through your answer, but the main problem is "dbo.ufn_RecruiterCompanyName(iJobId_PK)" here. For its execution it is scanning two tables for each row. Thats where the problem lies and I checked the indexing of the table.
arindamrudra 7-Apr-11 0:13am View
In the base table there are almost 200000 data.
arindamrudra 6-Apr-11 1:31am View
Excellent answer, but in case of 11th to 15th or 11th to 13th (if it varies).
arindamrudra 5-Apr-11 7:42am View
Yes, I missed that one. Sorry for my comment. Your answer is correct.
arindamrudra 5-Apr-11 7:25am View
Danish, your solution will not work for "system1" and "system10" because "system1" contains in both cases. So, Mahen's answer is more appropriate and Tarun's answer is the best. Please update it.
arindamrudra 1-Mar-11 2:32am View
Please check this updated answer once. It is working perfectly for me.
arindamrudra 1-Mar-11 2:14am View
remove UseSubmitBehavior="false" and check same problem occurs or not?
arindamrudra 1-Mar-11 2:04am View
please check my updated answer.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 4:49am View
Please check my comment on Griff's answer.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 4:46am View
But still if he want to display like the first one, then he should have to write a query which returns value like Parent1--Child1.1----Child1.1.1--Child1.2. But you are not using database. If it is coming from XML file then also you can do this.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 4:37am View
I think he was looking for the Griff's answer.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 4:33am View
Then use anchor tag. Put the count value in anchor tag and set the redirection to desired page. If there is session value then you can get all your details from there or else send required value with query string. In page load write necessary code for query string. That will work.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 2:44am View
Sandeep gave the correct solutions. Why it is not working? So, us some of your code.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 2:39am View
What have you taken? Gridview or Repeater? Or, you are using it directly. If you are using repeater then write your necessary code in itemdatabind event. else in case of link button linkbutton1.text = the count return from database and write necessary code on click event of that button. Or, in case of a repeater use anchertag.
arindamrudra 28-Feb-11 2:04am View
Do you want to windows-1252 value from xml file and want to search it in your .txt file? If you are looking for this one, yes, you can. You need to format your XML in such a way that contains key words. Then you need to run a loop and you will get that.
arindamrudra 18-Feb-11 1:27am View
Though I work on ASP.NET, but you can tell me what the error you got. Hopefully the events are there. If you get error in IEnumerable<myobject> then please use the namespace collection.generic. if you cant find it too, then please update your referance you will get that work.
arindamrudra 18-Feb-11 1:12am View
Please search for the solution first and then post your question.
arindamrudra 18-Feb-11 0:54am View
Great answer. null checking is required and if you have doubt that all the value may not be integer type, then please use int Num;
bool isNum = int.TryParse(row1.Cells[3].Text.Trim(), out Num);
if (isNum)
arindamrudra 18-Feb-11 0:24am View
Thanks a lot. Great answer with great example.
arindamrudra 4-Feb-11 3:45am View
Thanks a lot its working perfectly. Great answer. Cheers...
arindamrudra 4-Feb-11 1:17am View
Common format is not there. Because it is not a good way to enforce user about the formatting. These are optional fields.
arindamrudra 4-Feb-11 1:15am View
By using the first expression I am getting the error like "parsing ".*Salary.*\s(?\d+(?:,\d+)*(?:\.\d+)?).*" - Unrecognized grouping construct".
arindamrudra 3-Feb-11 23:17pm View
I could not understand your answer. I am searching for those key words like Experience, Compensation, Salary, CTC from "KeyWords[i]" and then after that I used substring to get the whole line which contains the experience in different format. My challenge is to find the integer values from that string for Experience and decimal values from the Salary line respectively. Thanks for your response.
arindamrudra 3-Feb-11 23:07pm View
Yes I have thought about regex. But the formats are varying thats why I have not tried with it. Now I am going to try with it. Thanks for your response.
arindamrudra 3-Feb-11 8:56am View
Do you require the code for Salary also then I will give that too. I checked by using "IsNum" but it works only if have the spaces. But I want the logic to get that.
arindamrudra 3-Feb-11 8:53am View
I have given the sample code for Experience.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 23:19pm View
no way.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 8:09am View
Yes absolutely correct. But at the time of restructuring, any data loss can cause my termination from job. So, I am trying with out restructuring. If I succeed I will must give the solution here. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Thanks once again.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 6:58am View
Yes the structure is very bad. Indexing is not good at all. Costs values are too high.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 6:57am View
It is 3 years old structure. I am here only from last 6 months.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 6:21am View
I improved my question. Please check that. That sp is taking 1.45 minutes time to execute causing time out error.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 6:13am View
table structure
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tbAD_Jobg8Adverts](
[iJobg8AdvertsID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[JobReference] [nvarchar](1000) NULL,
[ClientReference] [nvarchar](200) NOT NULL,
[Classification] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[SubClassification] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[Position] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[Description] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
[Location] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[Area] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[PostCode] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Country] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[EmploymentType] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[StartDate] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[Duration] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[WorkHours] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[VisaRequired] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[PayPeriod] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[PayAmount] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[PayMinimum] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[PayMaximum] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Currency] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[PayAdditional] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[Contact] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[ApplicationFormXML] [nvarchar](max) NOT NULL,
[JobSource] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[AdvertiserName] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[AdvertiserType] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[sVisitorUserIDs] [varchar](max) NULL,
[isActive] [bit] NULL,
[ActivationDate] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[ExpiryDate] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
[JobUrl] [nvarchar](1000) NOT NULL,
[AdditionalInfo] [nvarchar](4000) NULL,
[JobExternalLink] [varchar](1000) NULL,
[iJobg8AdvertsID] ASC



ALTER TABLE [dbo].[tbAD_Jobg8Adverts] ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_tbAD_Jobg8Adverts_isActive] DEFAULT ((1)) FOR [isActive]

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[tbAD_Jobg8Adverts] ADD DEFAULT ('') FOR [JobUrl]
ALTER VIEW [dbo].[vwExternalJob_OrderByActivationDateDesc]
(ORDER BY (CAST((CAST(ActivationDate AS CHAR(10))) AS DATETIME)) DESC) AS RowNumber,
Location as LocationOnly,
(dbo.ufn_GetJobg8JobLocation(Area,Location,Country)) AS Location,
([dbo].[ufn_GetJobg8JobSalary](PayAmount,PayMinimum,PayMaximum, Currency,PayPeriod)) AS PayAmount,
([dbo].[ufn_GetExternalJobResponseCounts](iJobg8AdvertsID,'SUCCESS')) AS ResponseCount
FROM dbo.tbAD_Jobg8Adverts
WHERE IsActive=1

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_GetExternalJobsForAdmin]
@PageSize INT,
@CurrentPage INT
DECLARE @UpperBand INT, @LowerBand INT, @Pages INT
SET @LowerBand = (@CurrentPage - 1) * @PageSize + 1
SET @UpperBand = (@CurrentPage * @PageSize)
SELECT @Pages = COUNT(*) FROM dbo.vwExternalJob_OrderByActivationDateDesc
SELECT RowNumber,
ActivationDate AS StartDate,
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 5:40am View
Actually I had wrong conception on this DATEFORMAT. Actually there is field for activation date in my data base that can contain NVARCHAR datatypes. The table contains more than 10 lakhs of data. So the execution time of the stored proc as approximately 1.45 minutes and giving time out error. So to reduce it I need to take it in View. Thats why I am trying too. So, if there is any other way please help me out of this situation.
arindamrudra 24-Jan-11 5:13am View
If your answer is correct, then I think probably
SET DATEFORMAT 'dmy'; SELECT * FROM dbo.vw_Test will give error. But it is running perfectly. So, I think your answer is incorrect. Any way I got an answer that with in a view we cant use that. But I am still looking for any tricks. There should be a way different from it.
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 23:33pm View
Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 23:30pm View
I am using
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 7:44am View
Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 7:11am View
Great Idea. Thanks a lot.
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 6:28am View
The message may contain two or more \n\r. If the message is multi-line, I think then it will rise a problem.
arindamrudra 12-Jan-11 6:18am View
Thanks for the quick response. I am trying with that.
arindamrudra 29-Dec-10 1:16am View
Please make your question much clear to get the appropriate answer.
arindamrudra 29-Dec-10 1:05am View
It indexes the table data. But he want to search from the file stored in databse in varbinary format. So I dont thik it is a good idea.
arindamrudra 6-Dec-10 2:15am View
Thanks for you effort but, it is not correct in this context. The first one is best. Read the question carefully till the last. The syntax is wrong. You need to use alias. Like:
select * from (select * from student order by asc) AS Your_Alias
arindamrudra 1-Dec-10 1:02am View
Thanks again for the modification.
arindamrudra 30-Nov-10 8:03am View
Thanks a lot for posting this answer. The second one is working fine in live.
arindamrudra 30-Nov-10 8:02am View
Cheers man its working fine. Thanks a lot for posting this answer.
arindamrudra 30-Nov-10 7:55am View
You mean the second one will be the most effective.
arindamrudra 30-Nov-10 7:43am View
Yes you are absolutely right. But I need to fix it. Now I am going to push the second one in to live, lets see what happened?
arindamrudra 29-Nov-10 23:58pm View
What you are using AJAX control or TinyMCE
arindamrudra 18-Nov-10 2:25am View
Sandeep, your last link is not working. Can you please post it again.
arindamrudra 3-Nov-10 5:44am View
Your question is not pretty clear and what you have done post some of your relevant code and what is the error you are getting post that clearly.
arindamrudra 2-Nov-10 8:14am View
At the time of page load, within

if (!IsPostBack)
Page.Form.DefaultButton = btnSaveChanges.UniqueID;

Then after filling the page press enter and check whether it works or not. It worked for me.
arindamrudra 2-Nov-10 4:55am View
Thank you sir. I have just checked it. It is excellent, outstanding, amazing. I never heard about that previously. Thanks once again for sharing this precious link.
arindamrudra 29-Oct-10 1:49am View
Thanks Hiren
arindamrudra 27-Oct-10 7:44am View
I have been directed to use the RPG pattern, but I dont know this. Can you please send any good example link for that.
arindamrudra 27-Oct-10 7:44am View
I have been directed to use the RPG pattern, but I dont know this. Can you please send any good example link for that.
arindamrudra 27-Oct-10 5:47am View
1. tinyMCE is a kind of rich text box. Its a kind of HTML control. We need to write scripts for that.
2. Web application.
arindamrudra 25-Oct-10 8:30am View
Thank you for your help.
arindamrudra 25-Oct-10 0:37am View
Please check your yahoo email id.
arindamrudra 22-Oct-10 8:09am View
So I am not going in that way. I want a way so that if the validation message comes then the button will be enabled and also in case of tinyMCE, so I used ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(new PostBackOptions(imgbtnSend)).

and at the time if it passes the "if" condition then the button will be disabled.

It is working fine in local system.
But not in Server
arindamrudra 22-Oct-10 8:03am View
protected void imgbtnSend_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
//if (Page.IsValid == true)
if (txtMessageContent.Value != "")
imgbtnSend.OnClientClick = "this.disabled = true; " + ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(new PostBackOptions(imgbtnSend));

here the txtMessageContent is the tinyMCE
arindamrudra 22-Oct-10 7:04am View
No, I have not get any error.
arindamrudra 22-Oct-10 6:52am View
Hi Shakil, thanks for your help.
But there is Server side Validation (ASP Validation) also. So if I use

OnClientClick="return DisableButton()==true?true:false;"

Then if I Get the validation error for the first time, then will it work?
arindamrudra 21-Oct-10 8:27am View
This two (I mean my answer and your answer) have some limitations. Because both of the cases need the logical deletion. If physical deletion occurs, then problem will appear. The answer of Mr. Anurag Gupta is the more appropriate than us (I think).
arindamrudra 24-Sep-10 8:45am View
just add this code

if (ddlTest.SelectedIndex == 0)
ddlTest.SelectedItem.Value = "0";
arindamrudra 16-Sep-10 0:18am View
Thank you very much... I am going to try in that way now.
arindamrudra 16-Sep-10 0:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Automatic vote of 5 for accepting answer.
arindamrudra 25-Aug-10 6:45am View
Reason for my vote of 3
The hints helped a lot
arindamrudra 25-Aug-10 6:44am View
I used the recursive function for that....

ds1 = new DataSet();
ds1 = oCategory.GetCategoriesOfArticle(ArticleID);
if (ds1 !=null && ds1.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
foreach (TreeNode node in TreeViewArticleCatagory.Nodes)

//foreach (TreeNode node in TreeViewArticleCatagory.Nodes)
// foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
// {
// if (Convert.ToString(dr["Item"]) == node.Value)
// {
// node.Checked = true;
// //TreeViewArticleCatagory.SelectedNode.Checked = true;
// }
// }
private void CheckNodes(TreeNode _node)
if (_node.ChildNodes.Count > 0)
CheckIfNodeValueExistsInDataTable(_node, ds1);

foreach (TreeNode _childNode in _node.ChildNodes)
CheckIfNodeValueExistsInDataTable(_node, ds1);
private void CheckIfNodeValueExistsInDataTable(TreeNode _node, DataSet _dsCatogories)
DataTable dtNodes = _dsCatogories.Tables[0];
DataRow[] drow= dtNodes.Select("Item='" + _node.Value+"'");
if (drow != null && drow.Length > 0)
_node.Checked = true;
Thank you very much for your help...
Your hints help a lot..
Thanks once again..
arindamrudra 25-Aug-10 6:40am View
yes finally I got it...
arindamrudra 25-Aug-10 5:01am View
It is not working...
I tried..