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Comments by Kiran Wilson (Top 12 by date)

Kiran Wilson 27-Nov-14 4:12am View
I have already done this, still got same message..
Kiran Wilson 19-Nov-14 5:51am View
yes, I have tried this,
both machines already have framework 4.0
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 8:04am View
I hope you are getting all temp files from my earlier sample?
you can use the same loop to delete all the files in a button click..
I hope that is the working structure of your application.
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 7:56am View
happy to help you..
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 7:50am View
I didn't get you..

can you please clarify your need..
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 5:47am View
Please check this

This will help you..
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 5:46am View
Please check this

This will help you..
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 5:12am View
Can you gave some details about the issue?
some code sample..
Kiran Wilson 17-Nov-14 5:08am View
what is the error you are getting?
Kiran Wilson 14-Nov-14 1:52am View
I am not able to find any initialization for number in this code Snippet.
Did you missed it..?
Kiran Wilson 13-Nov-14 23:17pm View
I am getting 0 in TextBoxHC50, while entering 321 in TextBoxLYTHCAS and TextBoxTHCAS. Can you please clarify your example..
Kiran Wilson 29-Sep-14 4:05am View
Computer shutdown..