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Comments by Ahmad Negm (Top 5 by date)

Ahmad Negm 13-Jun-13 6:24am View    
No, I do not know anything about Active Object pattern, did you mean that there is no way to do what I want by using threads or what sir ?
Ahmad Negm 13-Jun-13 6:10am View    
Unfortunately, this did not work .. you can see my new code scenario in the next answer ( and help me if it is possible .. Thanks :)
Ahmad Negm 13-Jun-13 3:10am View    
Yes, I am using the same SqlConnection within the asynchronous threads in the same time. What should I do to meet the previous requirements, please?

This is a critical problem, sir .. can you produce a code scenario to do that ?
Ahmad Negm 12-Jun-13 12:18pm View    
I am not using Queues, I have just enabled the Broker on the database and using the same code referenced at MSDN >>

I want to run the same code in the previous link in a separated thread to allow user to use UI tools while SqlDependency thread listens to database changes.
Ahmad Negm 17-Jul-12 9:37am View    
I tried to go to Project Properties, Debug tab and remove the check from "Enable the visual studio hosting process" .. it is still not working.