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pt1401 18-Feb-18 16:29pm View    
A very very thin one :-)
But, stretching a point, it is a triangle - the three internal angles add up to 180 degrees.
pt1401 18-Feb-18 16:24pm View    
@phil.o: The OP is trying to compare the circumference of two triangles if you look at his coding attempt.
To do that, the position of the triangles is of no consequence, so you don't need tree points for each triangle, just three lengths.
So three scalar values needed, not six.
pt1401 5-Feb-18 7:27am View    
Have you tried debugging and stepping through your program?
Which line does it error on? Which method or data member couldn't be found?
pt1401 31-Jan-18 5:54am View    
On course it is, which is why I suggested he look in his textbook.
If the textbook even exists, the question won't be in it. Neither will the answer.
pt1401 2-Jan-18 16:48pm View    
Sorry, no. You haven't even told us the line that the error is on. You need to learn how to debug - please give it a try and you might surprise yourself by finding the solution all by yourself.

If my answer makes no sense to you, perhaps you might benefit from following some tutorials on using DataGridView.
Either way, "give me the solution" just doesn't cut it.