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Ashishmau 25-Feb-19 5:42am View    
I am using .NetCore 1.0 in which project file have extension .xproj.
Its publishing successfully using CLI but not through AWS provided GUI.
Ashishmau 5-Mar-16 5:48am View    
Its not working properly. Suppose value = 4 and total = 31. In this case, sql query returns 13 while your above code returns 12. I want exact returns given by sql query.
Ashishmau 18-Sep-13 4:41am View    
see i had updated my answer as per your need and now you can check...
Ashishmau 3-May-13 5:03am View    
Ashishmau 18-Jul-12 9:04am View    
i had updated my question and i had used URL rewriter dll which stops working.