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Ashishmau 25-Feb-19 5:42am View
I am using .NetCore 1.0 in which project file have extension .xproj.
Its publishing successfully using CLI but not through AWS provided GUI.
Ashishmau 5-Mar-16 5:48am View
Its not working properly. Suppose value = 4 and total = 31. In this case, sql query returns 13 while your above code returns 12. I want exact returns given by sql query.
Ashishmau 18-Sep-13 4:41am View
see i had updated my answer as per your need and now you can check...
Ashishmau 3-May-13 5:03am View
Ashishmau 18-Jul-12 9:04am View
i had updated my question and i had used URL rewriter dll which stops working.
Ashishmau 13-Mar-12 12:15pm View
Ashishmau 27-Jun-11 3:07am View
Good suggestion,5+
Ashishmau 7-Jun-11 4:58am View
Spot On
Ashishmau 1-Jun-11 0:29am View
The control you're using can be used in a virtual mode....I didn't get this line..can you explain little bit..
Ashishmau 31-May-11 7:47am View
Ashishmau 31-May-11 7:35am View
To add Header and Footer u have to use pdf PageEvent. Without using it,i don't think it's possible.
Ashishmau 31-May-11 1:28am View
u had written the code and u don't know details. Hadn't you.
Ashishmau 30-May-11 7:21am View
what error ur getting while downloading
Ashishmau 27-May-11 7:50am View
Spot on.
Ashishmau 27-May-11 7:12am View
u Should ask OP for more details (by seeing his comment and question) rather than assuming and downvoting
Ashishmau 27-May-11 7:09am View
First Thing, u modify ur question(give more details) as it creates lots of confusion here.
Ashishmau 27-May-11 6:43am View
First of all, Read his comment carefully before downvoting..
Ashishmau 27-May-11 6:25am View
So,in that case, u can use replace method. see my improved answer
Ashishmau 27-May-11 1:00am View
Nice Link
Ashishmau 27-May-11 0:35am View
I think, ClientID needs when u r using master page..otherwise no need to write ClientID
Ashishmau 26-May-11 7:35am View
What error ur getting???
Ashishmau 26-May-11 7:14am View
Ashishmau 26-May-11 7:12am View
Ashishmau 26-May-11 6:06am View
How many times u r posting same question. Have u seen ur Previous post.In that, u will get solution
Ashishmau 26-May-11 4:21am View
U can do from client side using javascript or from server side as suggested below.
Ashishmau 26-May-11 2:01am View
Good explanation.
Ashishmau 26-May-11 1:56am View
First,Learn Basics of Sql
Ashishmau 25-May-11 6:49am View
If it solves ur problem, then accept answer
Ashishmau 25-May-11 1:55am View
Need more clarification
Ashishmau 24-May-11 8:31am View
Have u search on that..
Btw, Go to home page, click on download button and download suite package which consists dll...just referenced that dll in ur website...Also video is provided on website how to use there control.just see it..
Ashishmau 24-May-11 8:25am View
Ashishmau 24-May-11 2:09am View
Perfect Solution
Ashishmau 24-May-11 1:53am View
so what, First of all, take ur column data from database in collection list and then u can check for unique values using linq as provided in above link.
Ashishmau 23-May-11 5:22am View
Nice link...
Ashishmau 23-May-11 4:07am View
Its not possible without taking it in dataset or Other way u can use dll like LinqToExcel.dll to retrieve columns name.see the links i mentioned below and download dlls for your use.
Ashishmau 23-May-11 2:48am View
howcome u noticed java from his question. Read his question carefully...
Ashishmau 16-May-11 7:23am View
Ashishmau 13-May-11 6:16am View
Have u ever studied date conversion in sql server from net..if not then study that first..u will get ur soln
Ashishmau 13-May-11 5:05am View
why u r storing date as a string...
use datetime only to avoid any problems...
Ashishmau 13-May-11 3:29am View
Have u got how to take gridview cell value in javascript from above links...if yes then Compare values in javascript and check...
Ashishmau 12-May-11 8:07am View
perfect 5++
Ashishmau 12-May-11 3:43am View
Improve ur question
Ashishmau 11-May-11 5:50am View
Firstofall u should clear with ur question..
u want word to pdf OR pdf to more specific.
Ashishmau 11-May-11 5:00am View
i also think same
Ashishmau 11-May-11 3:49am View
I think u have pasted ur answer in wrong question
Ashishmau 11-May-11 3:37am View
u have to set some properties of combobox to acheive on net
Ashishmau 10-May-11 0:30am View
perfect 5+++
Ashishmau 6-May-11 5:51am View
how many times u r asking same question.
Have u tried anything with answers given in your previous question which is same
Ashishmau 6-May-11 3:32am View
Install Firebug in firefox and then debug and check
Ashishmau 6-May-11 3:18am View
Uncheck Disable script debugging(other)
Ashishmau 5-May-11 7:41am View
Ashishmau 5-May-11 7:17am View
First, Read Question Carefully
Ashishmau 5-May-11 5:02am View
On Page Load, Have u written Gridview code under if(!IsPostback){}. If not written then write it and try
Ashishmau 5-May-11 4:37am View
Ashishmau 5-May-11 4:16am View
Have u databind of your gridview in if(!IsPostback). If not, then do it and try
Ashishmau 5-May-11 3:27am View
Have u downloaded this and tried
Ashishmau 5-May-11 0:47am View
Agreed my5
Ashishmau 4-May-11 6:00am View
write return true instead of null
Ashishmau 4-May-11 5:32am View
Simplt put ur debug folder in startup folder
Ashishmau 4-May-11 2:33am View
be clear what u want
Ashishmau 4-May-11 2:29am View
is this solves ur problem...then accept the answer
Ashishmau 4-May-11 0:42am View
good link my5
Ashishmau 4-May-11 0:39am View
Good links my5
Ashishmau 3-May-11 7:49am View
So what's the problem
Ashishmau 3-May-11 5:02am View
so u can use FileUpload control
Ashishmau 3-May-11 3:01am View
where is the problem
Ashishmau 3-May-11 2:52am View
Perfect my5
Ashishmau 3-May-11 2:42am View
study paging concept of gridview first
Ashishmau 3-May-11 2:40am View
search on google u will find various links
Ashishmau 3-May-11 1:56am View
ok, i accept it
Ashishmau 3-May-11 1:37am View
if it works then accept the answer
Ashishmau 3-May-11 0:28am View
What u r trying to do.
Database itself is case insensitive
Ashishmau 2-May-11 7:16am View
i u got solution then accept the answer
Ashishmau 2-May-11 7:02am View
see this link to clear ur basics

Ashishmau 2-May-11 5:59am View
use like query in database to filter according to your entered bill no and then rebind it with gridview..
Ashishmau 2-May-11 5:17am View
its not Databind()..its a DataBind().. Don't write yourself as it comes in intellisense...i was just giving u direction
Ashishmau 2-May-11 2:55am View
first of all dont use variable Grid as it might predefined.
use any other custom variable and try.
Ashishmau 2-May-11 2:06am View
see, ur select query is wrong as ur selecting from excel.
it should be
select * from [info$]
Ashishmau 2-May-11 1:16am View
as per discussion and problem , i also think u r not executing ur insert method. check carefully by debugging
Ashishmau 2-May-11 1:10am View
good buddy, u copy pasted my answer as a Question and asking doubt.
Nice way
Ashishmau 29-Apr-11 4:16am View
I think it's an answer.
Ashishmau 29-Apr-11 3:54am View
Why u r using for loop to insert. u can use bulkcopy to insert large data as it speeds ur insertion
Ashishmau 29-Apr-11 1:37am View
I also thinks so
Ashishmau 29-Apr-11 1:01am View
good links
Ashishmau 28-Apr-11 5:39am View
check your excel path IS correct or not
Ashishmau 28-Apr-11 2:07am View
good answer
Ashishmau 20-Apr-11 0:17am View
then accept the solution if it works
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 7:29am View
Agree with ankur
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 4:18am View
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 3:30am View
You have to run Accessdatabaseengine.exe of 8.0 for this on your machine.
You get this exe from internet.
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 3:17am View
You have run access database engine exe for 8.0 in your server
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 2:15am View
what error it gives now
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 2:01am View
it works fine in my browser
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 1:53am View
use this connectionstring

OleDbConnection excelcon = new OleDbConnection(@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=your path;Extended Properties=Excel 4.0;");
Ashishmau 18-Apr-11 0:50am View
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 8:31am View
nice links
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 7:43am View
u r asking or clear
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 5:48am View
what r u talking more specific
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 4:27am View
with or without debugging, in both cases it gives same error.
i completey uninstall vs2005 before reinstalling,,but same error
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 3:09am View
I already tried all this but nothing works...same error comes
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 3:04am View
Reinsatlling application doesn't helps as it works perfect for 2 to 3 days then again same problem
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 0:59am View
What is the main problem...No need to post whole code
Ashishmau 15-Apr-11 0:16am View
u replace "Test- Sheet!" with "Test- Sheet_"
Ashishmau 13-Apr-11 6:27am View
good link
Ashishmau 13-Apr-11 6:17am View
It is working
Ashishmau 13-Apr-11 0:55am View
good link
Ashishmau 11-Apr-11 6:16am View
Be clear in ur question as mahen25 asks
Ashishmau 11-Apr-11 5:18am View
Its very basic things...have u tried it once
Ashishmau 8-Apr-11 6:24am View
Be clear
Ashishmau 4-Apr-11 6:51am View
I want to compare two same datatables with some cells different and want to highlight that particular cell . I dont want to use looping as it will take more time if no. of rows increases.
Ashishmau 30-Mar-11 2:54am View
I want to use for Importing large excel files to database
Ashishmau 18-Feb-11 5:50am View
Atleast Vote yaar,,if problem solves
Ashishmau 18-Feb-11 2:44am View
no buddy,it doesn't in same browser session. I already tried with all formulas
Ashishmau 18-Feb-11 1:54am View
use urlrewriting for this
Ashishmau 16-Feb-11 2:30am View
be more clear
Ashishmau 15-Feb-11 4:56am View
see this link
It helps......
Ashishmau 15-Feb-11 4:09am View
If u have primary key column...then simple use try catch and write youe error message.
Ashishmau 15-Feb-11 4:05am View
If you have configured your website on IIS, then this problem happens when you have not set your default page in IIS.
Set your Login page as Default page and try......
good luck...........