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Comments by diptichalke2010 (Top 4 by date)

diptichalke2010 18-Mar-11 3:33am View    
What I want is after closing the child window, user can get the refresh data in the parent window. He doesn't have to reload it manually. If any idea, Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

diptichalke2010 3-Feb-11 1:28am View    
Thank you for your assistance.
diptichalke2010 2-Feb-11 9:07am View    
I want to clear both textbox value and Error message on button click event as per your answer It will just clear the error message. I can do either operation i.e.either clear textbox value or error message. It you have any other answer please let me know . Thanks in advance.
diptichalke2010 8-Sep-10 7:44am View    
Reason for my vote of 3
it's not keeping the constant focus on active link if u click anywhere on the page the color will lost.