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Comments by Martin Jarvis (Top 16 by date)

Martin Jarvis 5-Feb-11 5:23am View    
Thanks, I sorted the problem now. There was a custom ServiceFactory refererenced in the .svc (copied from another project which REQUIRED ssl) which was interfering.

It turns out that my bindings were correct and I was pulling my hair out over a trival mistake.
Martin Jarvis 4-Feb-11 20:50pm View    
Ah, sorry. I should have been clearer, it must be hosted in IIS. The application is hosted by a 3rd Party on a shared server.

I've tried BasicHttpBinding and WSHttpBinding (no authentication) but they each through an error about the 'https' protocol not being supported. Usually, I'd jsut install SSL and be done, but in this case we can't self-cert and the client wont pay for a proper certificate as the service is going to have a very short lifespan (1 month).
Martin Jarvis 6-Aug-10 9:59am View    
Can you give some detail about which part your having trouble with? Email is handled in c# within the System.Net.Mail namespace.
Martin Jarvis 4-Aug-10 13:29pm View    
Can we get a bit more detail? Is this a project hosted here?
Martin Jarvis 2-Aug-10 10:02am View    
How are you displaying these images, are you using a table? IE has an issue with large tables, it won't display any of the table content until the table close tag is received. This will mean IE will appear to hang whilst loading all of the markup.

Also, are the images being served from the same hostname? Browsers will limit the number on concurrent requests to the same hostname, which will make an image heavy page load slowly. You can see if this is the case by using FireBug in Firefox (or similar tool)