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VallarasuS 5-Jun-12 13:08pm View
Unless you have any special needs [may be building a custom control] I would recommend you use a picture box. further by the dont read the file every-time you paint, paint event meant to occur thousands of times. Read it once and hash it.
VallarasuS 5-Jun-12 13:05pm View
I agree with this solution but unless it has a special purpose why dont you use a picture box and place it at the point!?
VallarasuS 7-May-12 4:50am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for your time and efforts!!
VallarasuS 30-Nov-11 3:43am View
Try the improved solution!
VallarasuS 29-Nov-11 13:19pm View
Are you looking for assistance in testing? or want to localize/Internationalize you app? for testing you may have to setup VMs.
VallarasuS 29-Nov-11 13:16pm View
Do you mean after renaming it doesn't work? if renamed properly it should work. Please check the click event is hooked properly!
VallarasuS 29-Nov-11 12:58pm View
Happy to hear you have resolved it.
VallarasuS 29-Nov-11 12:54pm View
Getting something in action is a real fun, we loved it,Its that simple, go for it. I would recommend not to go for a project center.
VallarasuS 22-Nov-11 11:49am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good one!
VallarasuS 21-Nov-11 10:15am View
Check the updated solution. :)
VallarasuS 19-Nov-11 3:01am View
In the user view it may sound unnecessary, but for the needs of creating a custom window this is the preferred way!
VallarasuS 19-Nov-11 1:02am View
I've never been into mono! and not aware of it. The intention is not just to handle window state. By interpreting Windows procedure we can customize a lot more functions. However I've used the way suggested (, all i want to know if why this one fails.
VallarasuS 18-Nov-11 1:25am View
in that case you have to check with the parent hierarchy, may be a parent control (grid or something) could consume the mouse events. try placing the canvas on a different window / content control.
VallarasuS 18-Nov-11 1:21am View
Guess you can make use of ZIndex / Zorder (attached property) of Canvas
VallarasuS 13-Sep-11 4:30am View
of-course! am from SAEC!!
VallarasuS 3-Jul-11 3:26am View
The painting actually happens with-in the bitmap context, and is most widely used to create complex bitmaps!, PictureBox just being invalidated when required. (ting)!! Do you think is necessary to extend / create a custom control?
VallarasuS 2-Jul-11 13:01pm View
WPF and WinForm controls are interoperable, there exists ElementHost to make the WPF controls work with windows form, however i wonder if there exists a way to achieve this.
VallarasuS 26-Jun-11 0:51am View
Why dont you use Sessions instead of having such info in properties. if session is null you can redirect the user always to login page from any pages.
VallarasuS 31-May-11 13:03pm View
Happy to be a help!