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Comments by VallarasuS (Top 19 by date)

VallarasuS 5-Jun-12 13:08pm View    
Unless you have any special needs [may be building a custom control] I would recommend you use a picture box. further by the dont read the file every-time you paint, paint event meant to occur thousands of times. Read it once and hash it.
VallarasuS 5-Jun-12 13:05pm View    
I agree with this solution but unless it has a special purpose why dont you use a picture box and place it at the point!?
VallarasuS 7-May-12 4:50am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for your time and efforts!!
VallarasuS 30-Nov-11 3:43am View    
Try the improved solution!
VallarasuS 29-Nov-11 13:19pm View    
Are you looking for assistance in testing? or want to localize/Internationalize you app? for testing you may have to setup VMs.