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Comments by Prasad_Kulkarni (Top 200 by date)

Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Nov-17 5:01am View
This link seems not working anymore
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-May-14 2:34am View
Not clear.
I have written this code but always shows checked.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 8:46am View
Well, this is another question, you should ask a seperate one. For now, what you can do is something like this:
foreach (GridView item in gridView1.Rows)
if (item.SelectedRow.Cells[1].Text == "company1")
//Do not add your link button
//Add link button
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 7:09am View
Glad to hear!
You're welcome.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:44am View
But you did not mentioned 'what op tried' in your first comment. You commented that he's not a beginner? And my objection was completely on that and not on what OP has tried or not.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:39am View
I don't think you've ask'd anything for which you should regret. Don't be.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:38am View
Well, in that case I would really appreciate if you show me those guidelines which you're following.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:20am View
For beginner, yes. Anything could be a question.
Remember, we work to help developers. Just enjoy helping others, that's the reason we are here.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:11am View
What does the term build means? does it means creating set up [windows] / deplyoing your application ?
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:03am View
What does that mean?

How you did coding before in VB.NET? Please mention what exactly you needed with what you already did so I or others can guide/answer you properly.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-13 2:01am View
I just seen the tags which OP has in his question and they're all VB.NET, and here he is asking for ASP.NET. I don't think anything wrong in it if he's switching to ASP.NET and asks for some links to learn.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-13 2:26am View
Glad it helps!
You're welcome.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-13 1:04am View
Which is the control you are using to display this content.?
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-13 0:04am View
Thank you SA!
Prasad_Kulkarni 27-Jun-13 7:10am View
Glad it helps!
You're welcome.
Prasad_Kulkarni 26-Jun-13 3:17am View
Thank you Rohan!
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jun-13 8:40am View
Thank you Maciej! :-D
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jun-13 2:34am View
Please refer updated thread.
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jun-13 2:32am View
Which line exactly? Obviously some value is unset, but without knowing which one it's impossible to say why the error is occurring.
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jun-13 2:25am View
Can you post your code snippets?
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jun-13 2:19am View
Windows or web?
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 9:13am View
Glad it helps!
You're welcome.
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 9:00am View
Thank you!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 8:55am View
Glad to here!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 8:50am View
Thank you Abhinav!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 8:49am View
Hello Khan Ji,

The above code will not work as on you're not moved to second text box and this
&& TextBox2.Text.Trim().Length > 0 condition always fails.

You need to do something like:

private void textBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (textBox1.Text.Trim().Length > 0)
if (textBox2.Text.Trim().Length > 0)
dataGridView1.Visible = true;


private void textBox2_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
textBox1_TextChanged(sender, e);

Hope it helps!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 8:14am View
Exactly, 5'ed!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 3:29am View
"does't work" not gonna help us much to understand the problem. If you can debug your code the get the rid of what exactly the problem is withe line number. So we can understand it and try to let you move on.
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Jun-13 2:42am View
Glad it helps!
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Jun-13 10:38am View
What have you tried exactly? What you did?
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Jun-13 4:58am View
Glad it helps!
Thank you for accepting solution.
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Jun-13 3:30am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Jun-13 2:10am View
Can you post your code snippets.?
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Jun-13 6:00am View
Even better, +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Jun-13 6:00am View
Thank you Prasad! :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Jun-13 11:27am View
Thank you Mohamed!
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Jun-13 5:19am View
Try to debug your code. Hope you get some more details, and let me know
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Jun-13 3:09am View
Good link! +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Jun-13 7:23am View
Anything else you want sir? or code will be sufficient?
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Jun-13 6:32am View
Not clear Rohit!
If you can elaborate some more if possible with the code snippets if you've tried anything. You want to bind folder name, [which folder name, how you gonna find the folder]
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 7:22am View
+5! Good find! :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 7:21am View
Are you talking about set focus?
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:47am View
5'ed! I think CP should start voting comments too
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:12am View
Can you show your table design?
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:09am View
..and what exactly the problem you're facing
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:08am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:08am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:05am View
Good links! +5
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:01am View
Please post your sql query.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 5:54am View
Thank you Amit!
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 2:41am View
Glad to here :)
You're welcome!
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 2:40am View
Show your code snippets.
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 8:53am View
Can you post your code Atif?
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 4:13am View
Can you post your code snippets?
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 3:58am View
I am not sure but try something like this and let me know
for (DateTime date1 = fromdate_; date1 <= todate_; date1 = date1.AddDays(1))
DataColumn dc = new DataColumn();
dc.ColumnName = ChangeFormat(Convert.ToDateTime(date1), "dd-MM-yyyy");//this line
d[//Your column name where you want text box] = //your textbox.text;
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:57am View
If you are converting HTML TO PDF then refer my previous answer for same:
Html to PDF conversion using c#[^]

..and if my answers solves your problem then hit button to 'Accept Solution' so others can refer it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:54am View
read text property of all controls on form[^]
read text property of all controls on form[^]
Don't re-post your questions, If you want to modify or update your question then use 'Improve question' widget. But don't re-post it.
If your question is get post by mistake multiple times then remove other entries.
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:36am View
Thank you Rohan!
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:29am View
Thank you Amit!
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:06am View
Oh man, you made it 6 mins before, 5'ed
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Jun-13 2:00am View
Can you show your code where you bind your grid from database?
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 9:54am View
..and where's your question?
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 9:16am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 9:05am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 8:55am View
Use Convert.ToString() instead of ToString().
Convert.ToString() handles null, while ToString() doesn't.

..and debug your code line by line, check what input you're giving and what will be the expected output.
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 8:30am View
Can you post your code snippets.?
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 7:15am View
What exactly you want?

You want to remove hyperlinks [as you mentioned in head of question]
You want to fetch the hyperlink [as you mentioned in question body]?
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 5:21am View
5'ed :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 13-Jun-13 3:13am View
What have you done so far in your project?
What kind of help you're expecting? If you want the complete application then I would let you know, you're at wrong place. If you have already done with some code and stuck'd somewhere then please post your question with code snippets if possible and yes CP experts will surely help you out of it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Jun-13 8:09am View
can you post your code snippets?
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Jun-13 4:04am View
..what exactly you want? what you're expecting on selected index change of ddl
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Jun-13 6:17am View
Not clear. You are declaring your connection string in web.config, retrieving it and you want file name in that?

If you want the connection string with file name then add it in web.config itself.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jun-13 8:02am View
Try with SELECT DISTINCE TOP 3 <--your query as it is-->
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jun-13 5:58am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jun-13 5:44am View
Where is the question?
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jun-13 5:22am View
Not clear. Where is your question?
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-May-13 5:31am View
Thank you Kanjolia!
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 6:07am View
Can you show the code snippets, how you redirecting to login.aspx page?
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 3:13am View
Good work!
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 3:09am View
Thank you Rohan!
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:56am View
AFAIK you can easily copy the text from your text box.

Check if you disabled the text box or used any copy prevention code for it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:54am View
Debug the code line by line and check what are the values you're getting over there.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:52am View
You can easily store files on particular path[^]. You just need to specify its path and you're done.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:43am View
On which line you're getting this error?
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:33am View
Can you show some code snippets?

Especially the 'one page' link code.
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-May-13 2:44am View
I was thinking same, 5'ed :-D
Prasad_Kulkarni 9-May-13 5:18am View
What does that mean? Please clarify some more
Prasad_Kulkarni 29-Apr-13 3:43am View
Good links +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 2-Apr-13 8:05am View
Thank you Mr. Birajdar!
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 7:26am View
Just go through the MSDN links from the search results which I've answered; you'll surely get everything in it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 7:18am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 6:51am View
What's this?
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 6:47am View
Can you please show your code?
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 6:36am View
That's the first link of my search result(answer).
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Mar-13 6:35am View
Be specific! Specify exactly what it is you need help with.
Prasad_Kulkarni 22-Mar-13 6:55am View
Exactly, A 5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Mar-13 1:50am View
5'ed :-D
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Mar-13 1:49am View
Thank you Maciej Los!
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Mar-13 2:31am View
Yep. A 5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Mar-13 10:01am View
5'ed! :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Mar-13 11:41am View
Doesn't save means?? Is it throwing any error or what?

One more thing;
check your query [how you're sending this field to database],
check you database which is the type you have assigned to this field.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Mar-13 7:10am View
What does that means? Add into database means? You're getting only numeric values wherever you're trying to use this method, and just simply you need to pass it with query to database..
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Mar-13 6:16am View
You're welcome!
Glad it helps.
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Mar-13 5:59am View
Oops my bad! Please see updated answer.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Mar-13 9:35am View
Exactly, 5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Mar-13 9:34am View
Thank you Abhinav!
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Mar-13 3:25am View
Thank you Pranit!
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Mar-13 3:24am View
..what does that mean Gaurav? Please elaborate possibly with some code snippets which you have tried so far..
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Mar-13 2:55am View
Show your code..
Prasad_Kulkarni 6-Mar-13 5:57am View
Nice one! +5
Prasad_Kulkarni 28-Feb-13 7:46am View
Link formatted.
Prasad_Kulkarni 28-Feb-13 7:38am View
Elaborate some more..
Prasad_Kulkarni 27-Feb-13 7:20am View
Close your account.

BTW which mails you are talking about??
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Feb-13 4:41am View
Glad it helps!
You're welcome :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Feb-13 1:51am View
Can you please explain with some more details?
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Feb-13 5:37am View
Oops my bad!

Please have a look on this similar answer[^], hope you get some help out.
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Feb-13 5:34am View
You're welcome.

Please check this Similar thread[^], hope you get some help out.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Feb-13 5:25am View
Anything else? or this is enough?
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-Feb-13 6:13am View
You're welcome!
Glad it helps..
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Feb-13 2:26am View
Try this:
textBox1.Text = (dateTimePicker2.Value - dateTimePicker1.Value).TotalDays.ToString("#");
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Feb-13 2:23am View
You're Welcome!
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Feb-13 2:23am View
What does that mean??
Prasad_Kulkarni 7-Feb-13 8:01am View
Not clear. What you want to use in windows form?
Prasad_Kulkarni 7-Feb-13 8:00am View
Thank you spk89
Prasad_Kulkarni 30-Jan-13 1:25am View
Even more, +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 30-Jan-13 1:25am View
Thank you Abhinav! :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 28-Jan-13 1:48am View
Thank you Edo :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 23-Jan-13 5:11am View
5'ed :-D
Prasad_Kulkarni 23-Jan-13 5:11am View
Thank you Abhinav :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jan-13 8:38am View
Thank you Abhinav!
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jan-13 8:38am View
Thank you :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Jan-13 4:07am View
after delete datagridview should be refresh but itsnot working in windows form[^]
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Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Jan-13 2:31am View
+5! :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Jan-13 2:27am View
Good suggestion +5
Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Jan-13 2:23am View
Can you share your code.?
Prasad_Kulkarni 16-Jan-13 2:16am View
The code using which you're filling your grid simply call it; instead of dataGridView2.Refresh()
Prasad_Kulkarni 9-Jan-13 0:24am View
5'ed! Good answered!
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 6:45am View
Kindly click on green button to 'Accept Solution' if it is really helpful for you.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 2:55am View
..and what you've tried so far?
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 2:37am View
You getting any error or what?
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 2:36am View
Please refer updated answer.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 2:00am View
Link formatted.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 1:42am View
I think Convert.ToInt32 will work as method is int.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 1:31am View
Can you post some code snippets. It's quite unclear for me. Please elaborate some more.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Jan-13 1:27am View
1. Business Intelligence Management Studio is part of SQL Server and DTS is now SSIS(sql server integration service) and yes part of the BI Management Studio. If you have the SQL Server developer edition CD/DVD copy the content to your hard drive and rerun setup and choose repair because you may have installed the first Management Studio, but SSIS comes with the BI version which is the second Management Studio. SSIS is not like DTS it is a full ETL(extraction transformation and loading) tool.
2. Refer this article; You can read the full article but to answer you specifically I am just pointing that part of the article SSRS Series Part I: Various ways of Report creation, deployment and invocation[^]
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 4:14am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 4:03am View
Thank you Abhinav!
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 2:42am View
Video convert using ffmepd exc[^]
using ffmepg exc for video convert[^]
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Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 2:41am View
Video convert using ffmepd exc[^]
Don't re-post your questions, If you want to modify or update your question then use 'Improve question' widget. But don't re-post it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 2:36am View
Thanks Ridoy!
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:57am View
I've added this link in my answer.
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:45am View
Code block added
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:45am View
Code block added.
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:45am View
Code block added
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:45am View
link formatted.
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:32am View
Have you tried debugging the code?
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:28am View
Are you using CSS?
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:24am View
What is the prob man?
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:23am View
Thanks Man!
Prasad_Kulkarni 21-Dec-12 1:23am View
5'ed! :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Dec-12 8:13am View
Well answered +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Dec-12 7:52am View
:) Thanks man
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Dec-12 7:36am View
+5 good links Abhishek
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Dec-12 7:35am View
+5! good find..
Prasad_Kulkarni 20-Dec-12 7:35am View
MS Always best +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Dec-12 2:47am View
Thank you Sariq!
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Dec-12 0:45am View

I think you din't read answer completely. With suggestion of google i've also provided references on CP.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Dec-12 1:32am View
For break point; just press F9 on line where you want to use it. I think OG already solved your problem.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Dec-12 1:30am View
Sure, let me check it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Dec-12 1:30am View
Thank you Shaikh!
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Dec-12 7:50am View
What's an error?
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Dec-12 7:48am View
can you post your code?
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Dec-12 7:16am View
can you post code in web.config where you have set session time out..
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Dec-12 1:29am View
..and that's what answer refers to, you need to update model from database know, correct me if I am wrong?
Prasad_Kulkarni 6-Dec-12 8:45am View
Refer this[^] similar answer, if you are compiling from command line.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Oct-12 3:07am View
You've already ask'd this question:
How to enable and disable the dropdown check box using this code ?[^]
Don't re-post your questions, If you want to modify or update your question then use 'Improve question' widget. But don't re-post it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Oct-12 2:52am View
Well, that's great. So what next?
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Oct-12 2:47am View
You're welcome!
Kindly hit green button to formally accept solution, if it's really helpful for you. So other will get reference through this answer.
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-Oct-12 0:41am View
Not clear.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Oct-12 6:32am View
Why you din't mentioned it in your question itself? Please, follow the last link of my answer you can get different validation expressions there, which will surely help you out. And, do remember if you post your code snippets in your question you will definitely get exact answers.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Oct-12 6:30am View
Thank you Mr. Birajdar
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Oct-12 7:55am View
Glad it helps!
You're welcome.
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Oct-12 5:33am View
Thank you Ridoy!
Prasad_Kulkarni 9-Oct-12 4:21am View
What exactly not working means? what is error?
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Oct-12 2:10am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Oct-12 2:10am View
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Oct-12 2:09am View
Yes, A +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Oct-12 2:09am View
Good references, +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 1-Oct-12 5:43am View
May be because of re-post
Prasad_Kulkarni 27-Sep-12 5:44am View
Glad it helps, You're welcome..
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Sep-12 8:28am View
You're welcome,
Glad it helps!
Prasad_Kulkarni 24-Sep-12 3:07am View
what to do with this code?? where is the question?
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-12 5:41am View
Thank you Pandvi!
Welcome back, after so long. Work load?
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-12 1:37am View
That's what the manual do;
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-12 1:32am View
5'ed :D
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-12 0:25am View
You should try something by your side first. How could an already developed s/w will help you? You'll never understood what the creator of project did in start. Study yourself, and make a start right from requirement and move on & find your way.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Sep-12 0:18am View
Are you expecting a complete project??
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-12 7:05am View
You can not add more than one primary key in a table?? are you sure?
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-12 5:44am View
Detect IP address in console/windows application in c#[^]
get ip in console / Windows application[^]
Don't re-post your questions, If you want to modify or update your question then use 'Improve question' widget. But don't re-post it.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-12 2:20am View
Thank you :)

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