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charles henington 13-Feb-24 17:29pm View    
From my understanding the process being called has to have a graphical interface, running ffmpeg returns a empty string as well because it has no graphical interface.
charles henington 13-Feb-24 17:26pm View    
+5 To add to that, the process that is being called has to have a graphical interface as well which is why I'm assumming that it cannot be started directly?
charles henington 10-Feb-24 18:38pm View    
no sir, thank you and the many others that help self-taught programmers like myself. your time is valuable and appreciated
charles henington 10-Feb-24 18:14pm View    
myVote += 5
charles henington 10-Feb-24 11:31am View    
You state "Can someone help me in this implementation?" and you've provided no code showing what you have tried, this implies give me code.
Furthermore, on the answer that Graeme_Grant gave you, you once again ask for code when you say "@Graeme_Grant do you have solution approach for above problem for .net MAUI". He had given you links to help learn .Net MAUI, also please read here