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Comments by Jameel VM (Top 200 by date)

Jameel VM 25-Oct-16 13:04pm View
what is the problem?
Jameel VM 25-Oct-16 13:02pm View
could you please post the code you have tried?
Jameel VM 12-Oct-16 17:23pm View
from where you are trying to access this data? from outside means - where? could you please provide more detail?
Jameel VM 1-Aug-16 17:55pm View
why do you need angular js filter for implementing this feature?
Jameel VM 1-Aug-16 17:46pm View
Use guid instead of GetHashcode. Guid guid=Guid.NewGuid();it will generate a unique id
Jameel VM 28-Dec-15 13:47pm View
where is your question. Send me the link please
Jameel VM 6-Nov-15 11:34am View
Please try this will get an idea first
Jameel VM 26-Oct-15 10:47am View
try to validate in client side using jQuery or javascript? what validation you want?
Jameel VM 21-Oct-15 17:21pm View
which is your POST method in your Web Api?
Jameel VM 11-Jun-15 18:44pm View
why are creating partial classes? extend the class and make custom exception
Jameel VM 9-Jun-15 13:06pm View
here mvc expecting the view named 'Index'. I think you renamed Index to Save. If it is renamed please the view name from Index to Save
Jameel VM 3-Jun-15 15:18pm View
Could you please elaborate your question?r u want to convert XML to C#?
Jameel VM 3-Jun-15 15:15pm View
did you try elmah?
Jameel VM 28-May-15 13:45pm View
which line you got the error?
Jameel VM 27-May-15 12:40pm View
just enable cross domain support in web api
Jameel VM 27-May-15 12:38pm View
it's not because of content's cross domain issue
Jameel VM 26-May-15 15:50pm View
you have already set the content type in client and sent to server.Web api will automatically identifies it.then what problem you are facing?
Jameel VM 6-Feb-15 8:41am View
Call the service by using HttpWebRequest
Jameel VM 6-Feb-15 8:40am View
what you mean by Latest record? how you are settings values to those properties?
Jameel VM 4-Feb-15 8:29am View
close the popup by using an ID.You can set an unique id for each popup
Jameel VM 19-Jan-15 2:54am View
did you try with same datacontext?
Jameel VM 9-Jan-15 7:57am View
If you are trying to load dropdown on first time both of the performance will be same.Because both are loaded from the server.If you are trying to implement cascading dropdown functionality ajax will give the better performance.Because you no need to send the all webpages to the server.
Jameel VM 4-Jan-15 11:16am View
Jameel VM 2-Jan-15 6:17am View
use HTTPCache
Jameel VM 20-Dec-14 2:21am View
Nice answer..
Jameel VM 19-Dec-14 4:51am View
what is the inner exception?
Jameel VM 19-Dec-14 3:20am View
you mean hide controller and action from the URL?
Jameel VM 19-Dec-14 1:57am View
you should use javascript or jquery for adding width dynamically to an html element
Jameel VM 18-Dec-14 4:23am View
is there any limit for database columns?
Jameel VM 15-Dec-14 1:47am View
call this service using ajax from aspx page.
Jameel VM 12-Dec-14 4:12am View
where is the code?
Jameel VM 12-Dec-14 0:47am View
did u mean rest service?
Jameel VM 5-Dec-14 6:29am View
what is the problem now?
Jameel VM 3-Dec-14 7:43am View
save means? r u save this html inside the service?
Jameel VM 3-Dec-14 7:01am View
please check null before writing linq query.var obj = new Models.SanskarUrbanContainer12();
var emp = (from o in obj.Albums select o).ToList();
}. i think obj is null.Please check why it is null.
Jameel VM 3-Dec-14 6:59am View
please put the code in question else user can't answer your questions
Jameel VM 3-Dec-14 6:41am View
put an alert on inside the start of the function and check whether it is hit or not
Jameel VM 3-Dec-14 6:22am View
what is the problem?
Jameel VM 2-Dec-14 7:58am View
best practice is always doing with class. We can say it as viewmodel.Anyway u are passing parameters to the partial view.I don't think it's a problem for creating viewmodels for the view.
Jameel VM 2-Dec-14 6:37am View
where is the code?
Jameel VM 2-Dec-14 6:36am View
where is the code for open the popup?
Jameel VM 1-Dec-14 0:27am View
any exception?
Jameel VM 28-Nov-14 8:34am View
Can you please change your date string from '01-01-2014' to '01/01/2014' and then try to serialize else convert to datetime DateTime dt =Convert.ToDateTime("01-01-2014"); before serializing it.
Jameel VM 28-Nov-14 6:52am View
can you please post the code?
Jameel VM 27-Nov-14 23:57pm View
any exception?
Jameel VM 26-Nov-14 2:31am View
which language you are using?
Jameel VM 26-Nov-14 1:58am View
from where you try to post? u mean ajax call ?
Jameel VM 21-Nov-14 7:00am View
select view source in browser and make sure that jquery file is loaded or not in browser.
Jameel VM 21-Nov-14 6:57am View
please post the code you have tried so far
Jameel VM 12-Nov-14 1:06am View
what is the problem?your question is not clear.
Jameel VM 7-Nov-14 1:14am View
i think you are only creating the partial view not the main view. For checking right click the action result of the main view(not the partial view action result) and Go to view.
Jameel VM 7-Nov-14 0:52am View
what is the error showing?
Jameel VM 7-Nov-14 0:20am View
which is your parent view?
Jameel VM 6-Nov-14 7:56am View
Your question is not clear.could u please elaborate?
Jameel VM 6-Nov-14 2:57am View
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 8:04am View
i can't access your hdd for writing the code. without seeing the code how we know the html structure you had write.
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 7:22am View
when you want to set the default value?
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 6:55am View
where is the code?
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 6:38am View
default value means appending Country- with all countries in dropdown?
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 6:04am View
can you please post the code for loading the dropdowns
Jameel VM 31-Oct-14 4:56am View
No date control for MVC.
Jameel VM 30-Oct-14 7:16am View
did you mean implementing Membership in windowsforms?
Jameel VM 28-Oct-14 2:07am View
please post your WCF configuration details and Contract code
Jameel VM 28-Oct-14 2:04am View
it just remove spaces . for example if ur string is IN 123 the result will be IN123
Jameel VM 23-Oct-14 4:15am View
please post the code
Jameel VM 23-Oct-14 1:58am View
which technology u are using ASP.BET Webform or ASP.NET MVC?
Jameel VM 23-Oct-14 1:57am View
Please elaborate your question by adding code you have tried so far
Jameel VM 15-Oct-14 10:34am View
Verify the url you are trying to pass
Jameel VM 15-Oct-14 4:36am View
try to assign T in to a dynamic variable.
Jameel VM 15-Oct-14 4:31am View
try this link
Jameel VM 15-Oct-14 4:19am View
just try first..we can't write all code for u..
Jameel VM 10-Oct-14 9:00am View
where is the code you have tried?
Jameel VM 9-Oct-14 6:02am View
your question is not clear..what default value?can you elaborate your requirement with code
Jameel VM 6-Oct-14 8:42am View
Can you please post the code?
Jameel VM 1-Oct-14 8:42am View
We can't read your mind?So Please elaborate your question
Jameel VM 1-Oct-14 7:57am View
change your code from var category = _db.Categories.Find(categoryId); to var category = _db.Categories.ToList();
Jameel VM 30-Sep-14 0:56am View
you should elaborate your question more?where you are actually stuck?
Jameel VM 29-Sep-14 4:45am View
then remove partial view begin form..
Jameel VM 29-Sep-14 4:30am View
you are not put enctype in begin form
Jameel VM 29-Sep-14 4:30am View
please add ,new{enctype="multipart/form-data"}) and also make sure that name="FileName" is same as Request.Files["FileName"];
Jameel VM 29-Sep-14 4:01am View
can you please post the function you have tried?
Jameel VM 26-Sep-14 7:58am View
What is the error you getting?
Jameel VM 24-Sep-14 2:01am View
did you try Sql Server Scheduled Job?
Jameel VM 21-Sep-14 3:09am View
did you try anything?how can we help without any code sample? you will get so many hints by searching google about linq and Repository pattern.
Jameel VM 21-Sep-14 3:06am View
why you are not try to join the two collection?
Jameel VM 19-Sep-14 6:38am View
can you please post the view code also.
Jameel VM 19-Sep-14 4:39am View
i have tested your code in my will hit correctly in to create action.Please check in browser console if any javascript error
Jameel VM 1-Sep-14 6:26am View
Right click the folder and select properties and uncheck the readonly checkbox. After that try to build.
Jameel VM 1-Sep-14 2:43am View
How your are filling the drop down list? can you please post that code ?
Jameel VM 29-Aug-14 2:31am View
Then how you update the connection string when server change? you should update the dll.right?
Jameel VM 29-Aug-14 1:38am View
wherever you want to pass the connection string in your application,you should specify it.right?
Jameel VM 28-Aug-14 2:39am View
i think this might be a problem of timezone. I suggest you to convert the CurrentDate to String before serializing.So it will be remains the same.else you should pass timezone(offset) from the client to the server and then try yourDate.Value.AddMinutes(Convert.ToInt32(offsetfromClient)*-1);
Jameel VM 27-Aug-14 1:29am View
try normal
Jameel VM 25-Aug-14 2:08am View
what is the error you got?
Jameel VM 25-Aug-14 2:00am View
there is some performance issue in your algorithm. my algorithm perform faster than you.
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 7:47am View
i don't think it is possible because configurations will be different for both web api and mvc. i suggest you to use web api as separate service.
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 7:06am View
i don't think it is possible. what will we do when the string will be different?
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 6:06am View
Google every question one by one ..Ofcourse you will get answers..
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 6:05am View
why you are trying to do it without loop? any specific reason?
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 5:55am View
Without loop we can't achieve it..because how can we get alternative character without index? also this algorithm will work with any character length you want.
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 5:47am View
I have update my answer please try the new one
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 5:01am View
Most probably the providers can provide the API's you want
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 4:59am View
Please explain your requirement by improving your question
Jameel VM 21-Aug-14 2:21am View
Please post your view code and Save Action result
Jameel VM 20-Aug-14 3:56am View
try $(this).parent()
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 9:58am View
if u want it, Create another class with a static boolean property and set the value in action filter and then try to access it in index method like NewClass.YourBooleanProperty
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 9:56am View
why u are accessing it in index? because you can check it before this action is execute
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 9:53am View
please post the code you have tried so far
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 2:52am View
what is the problem you are facing?
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 2:51am View
please elaborate your requirement and post the code you have tried
Jameel VM 18-Aug-14 2:50am View
which version of visual studio you are using?
Jameel VM 14-Aug-14 7:45am View
did you try anything?
Jameel VM 14-Aug-14 5:38am View
did you put the entries in web.config?
Jameel VM 14-Aug-14 5:13am View
please remove the change event code from code behind and again create method by double clicking the two dropdown boxes.
Jameel VM 14-Aug-14 4:31am View
i have create a method you are expected. Please try that.
Jameel VM 14-Aug-14 1:53am View
go through this link
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 4:56am View
please refer my blog .. .. So you will get an idea first
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 4:11am View
you can make 3 method as private and rest methods will be public. So caller can access only 3 methods. but i don't know what the interviewer mean :)
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 4:06am View
where is your controller code and view code you had tried?
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 4:05am View
first of all you no need to add to list again. just call toList() new
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 2:48am View
where you are stuck..linq query or MVC side? please first start with Linq first and then complete view part
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 2:41am View
what problem you are facing?
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 2:37am View
Just add a dummy ListItem to the start of the DropDownList and set that item's Enabled property to false. i.e. <asp:ListItem Value="" Text="" Enabled="false" />
<asp:ListItem Value="1" Text="Item 1" />
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 2:07am View
the link i have shared has almost all the requirement you need. Please atleast try to do it.
Jameel VM 13-Aug-14 1:47am View
did you try to browse the url directly in browser?
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 7:20am View
please look my will resolve your problem
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 4:55am View
also please check the javascript error by using browser developer tools
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 4:53am View
where you are facing problem, in ajax call or inside service method?
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 4:45am View
remove runat server attribute from the button
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 4:13am View
use dynamic keyword
Jameel VM 12-Aug-14 3:08am View
please post the complete code you had tried so far
Jameel VM 4-Aug-14 1:05am View
please post the code you had tried
Jameel VM 24-Jul-14 7:38am View
did you try by using javascript by directly redirect to the url of the aspx page?
Jameel M 3-Mar-14 10:32am View
can you post the controller code?
Jameel M 23-Feb-14 23:53pm View
can you post the action result?
Jameel M 16-Jan-14 0:58am View
you can use the normal FileWriter class to write that text in to a specified location
Jameel M 16-Jan-14 0:45am View
then edit and improve the question accordingly.
Jameel M 16-Jan-14 0:39am View
did you want to apply the css to all the Ul elements?
Jameel M 16-Jan-14 0:28am View
Please think in a Security point of view.What would you do any anonymous user or malcious user try to authenticate on second request? you should authenticate on every request else there is no security in your application
Jameel M 15-Jan-14 13:25pm View
Can you post the code what you had done so far?
Jameel M 10-Jan-14 4:45am View
What is the problem you are facing? what you are trying to achieve?
Jameel M 9-Jan-14 0:00am View
Please post the code what you have tried yet?
Jameel M 7-Jan-14 3:39am View
what is the problem?
Jameel M 7-Jan-14 0:33am View
can you post the table mark up code?
Jameel M 7-Jan-14 0:32am View
I think the inside the service has exception.Please try to debug it.
Jameel M 6-Jan-14 3:41am View
Please post the code for fetching records from db.How can we identity your issues without looking the code?we can't access your system from here.
Jameel M 5-Jan-14 12:49pm View
make your textbox as readonly
Jameel M 3-Jan-14 8:33am View
what is 'Val'? can you post the val values?
Jameel M 3-Jan-14 8:29am View
did you try anything?
Jameel M 3-Jan-14 8:24am View
from where you want to pass the jSon Data to the second controller?can you elaborate your question?
Jameel M 2-Jan-14 1:16am View
which plugin you are using?jQGrid?
Jameel M 18-Nov-13 5:16am View
what is the problem actually?
Jameel M 13-Nov-13 11:36am View
what is the exception?
Jameel M 13-Nov-13 11:19am View
your question is not clear. can you elaborate? did you got the query results?
Jameel M 21-Oct-13 13:28pm View
did you try javascript and jquery?
Jameel M 21-Oct-13 13:27pm View
did you try anything?where you are stuck?
Jameel M 9-Oct-13 2:53am View
i think after adding the model class u never build the project.
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 10:30am View
please post the code what you have tried
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 10:06am View
welcome you always..i had write some articles related to ASP.NET MVC. Please go through it when you will get time
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 9:25am View
Maintainability,testabilty also if any modification in any of the project only need to modify that project only. if your project is large it's hard to maintain your application.if you business layer is separate you can test it alone. You can add class library by adding reference.
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 9:08am View
in a large project it's very difficult to maintain your application when the all business logics and models are keep on the same project. I recommend you keep the viewmodel and business logics in a separate project. project is nothing but a class library.
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 9:01am View
Ok.then keep it on separate project for maintainability. Have a nice day
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 8:59am View
please elaborate your requirement. from where you want to create the xml file
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 8:57am View
welcome...use viewmodel as best practice.
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 8:55am View
if your project is large it's better to keep viewmodel in a separate class library else keep it on model folder
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 6:21am View
from where you want to consume the service?
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 5:37am View
did you try anything?
Jameel M 4-Oct-13 5:35am View
where you are stuck? did you try anything?
Jameel M 3-Oct-13 11:49am View
from where you call the service?Javascript?
Jameel M 29-Sep-13 9:12am View
without try you can't put catch inside a catch. you can put catch along with try is possible.
Jameel M 29-Sep-13 9:08am View
did you try to use catch inside a catch?
Jameel M 27-Sep-13 12:01pm View
did you mean the style?
Jameel M 26-Sep-13 10:14am View
Please post the code wat you have tried?We couldn't understand your problem
Jameel M 26-Sep-13 4:58am View
do you have more than three column?
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 16:16pm View
Please understand the basic understanding of ASP.NET MVC and then try to think the architectural level. There are some architectural pattern which are best suitable for MVC application such as Repository Pattern,Dependency Injection pattern, Unit of work pattern which makes you application Maintanable,Flexible,testable etc... You get all these things with example in google
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 15:58pm View
Before posting question like this at least search google and try to implement it. Without hardworking you can't be anything..i have share one link..go through it..
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 12:05pm View
then declare it as a class. assign values before it return to the view.
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 10:56am View
then i recommend is to use Dictionary<TKey, TValue>.
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 10:51am View
i think that is because of some other problem.Please post that problem as separate thread.
Jameel M 25-Sep-13 1:37am View
your question is not clear.can you elaborate little bit more?
Jameel M 24-Sep-13 15:12pm View
actually what you want?
Jameel M 24-Sep-13 15:11pm View
always Go through this link for hosting wcf in Azure
Jameel M 24-Sep-13 15:01pm View
I think After registering in windows azure you can host it there free for 30 days or something. may be they charge 1$ for registration. else you should buy a server space.
Jameel M 24-Sep-13 14:46pm View
if you want to access the service from everywhere you should host it in a public server. it has the same concept as web application deployment.
Jameel M 24-Sep-13 14:29pm View
your reply is not clear.can you elaborate your requirement?
Jameel M 23-Sep-13 4:51am View
your question is not clear.Please elaborate.
Jameel M 21-Sep-13 8:20am View
in which action you are try to redirect and when?
Jameel M 18-Sep-13 14:11pm View
your question is not clear.did you want the selected value to controller?
Jameel M 18-Sep-13 12:00pm View
where you specifying the url need to be redirected? could you post the code you have tried?
Jameel M 18-Sep-13 5:39am View
why you are not trying Thread.Sleep?
Jameel M 13-Sep-13 14:30pm View
did you got any script error in console?
Jameel M 13-Sep-13 11:14am View
Please post the full code
Jameel M 13-Sep-13 7:25am View
what is the pblm?
Jameel M 13-Sep-13 2:32am View
go through this
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 14:49pm View
did you mean optimizing the code? or which data you need to be encapsulate?
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 6:22am View
did you try Jsrender?
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 5:09am View
before do it please understand about what is MVC?
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 5:09am View
You can reuse the same BL and DAL in the New MVC project.
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 1:18am View
did you try anything?
Jameel M 12-Sep-13 1:17am View
My friwnd..actually what you are trying to doing?

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