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Vigneshb6 6-Sep-12 2:26am View
Is there any setting for Adobe Reader like giving permissions for the console app to trigger the Adobe as in my scenario it's working fine while am browsing directly from IE.
Vigneshb6 5-Sep-12 7:50am View
I am using Javascript method to show the popupwindow and streaming the binary content to the page.
Vigneshb6 21-Jun-12 11:05am View
Actually I am facing this issue
Vigneshb6 22-Jun-11 7:48am View
First of all write all your Requirements(Screen Design,Architecture,Security,Database) in a Word file and after that try to Design the Database then you can proceed.
Vigneshb6 22-Jun-11 7:45am View
Call that function in a for loop till Condition met.
Vigneshb6 22-Jun-11 7:42am View
Try to run this Query in Database and you will get an Idea
Vigneshb6 22-Jun-11 7:39am View
Use Break in the Loop.
Vigneshb6 2-May-11 9:38am View
Remote server return an Error 422 this is am getting as error
Vigneshb6 26-Apr-11 4:19am View
But when i am keeping in master page it is not working and keeping in child pages it is showing only for the click events not for the page load
Vigneshb6 26-Apr-11 4:17am View
But in IE it is not working i am getting error as Response is not available in this page.
Vigneshb6 20-Feb-11 9:53am View
Place it in sessions and Retrieve it
Vigneshb6 2-Feb-11 1:49am View
Where in database it saves in mm//dd//yyyy but from the textbox you will get dd//mm/yyyy i think so convert the datetime in dd//mm//yy like-SELECT convert(datetime, '23/10/2016', 103) -- dd/mm/yyyy
Vigneshb6 28-Jan-11 1:26am View
Vigneshb6 13-Jan-11 2:26am View
Set td's height and width to the images height and widht.
Vigneshb6 10-Jan-11 8:10am View
Yes, It is basic
Vigneshb6 10-Jan-11 7:29am View
onkeypress or onkeyup event
Vigneshb6 3-Jan-11 6:18am View
Write in the button Click to Redirect to Home Page using Response.Redirect or Server.Transfer
Vigneshb6 1-Jan-11 4:09am View
Only ur code should be placed in the code block.
Vigneshb6 31-Dec-10 2:11am View
Use panels for all the li's and for Certain users make the panel visible false. I think this will work for u.
Vigneshb6 31-Dec-10 2:07am View
Nice One
Vigneshb6 31-Dec-10 0:12am View
U r posting the article or asking the question?
if u wanna post the article this is not the place to do.
Vigneshb6 28-Dec-10 4:23am View
this is a very good site
Vigneshb6 28-Dec-10 4:20am View
nice one
Vigneshb6 27-Dec-10 0:11am View
I have solved it
Vigneshb6 22-Dec-10 23:29pm View
Don't use (please) here
Vigneshb6 21-Dec-10 1:54am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice One
Vigneshb6 21-Dec-10 0:39am View
Nice Observation
Vigneshb6 20-Dec-10 8:05am View
good answer
Vigneshb6 20-Dec-10 7:37am View
What we have to ask u a question or else u r asking some question?
Vigneshb6 20-Dec-10 6:47am View
In textChanged event of textbox pass the textbox1 value to textbox2 but put autopostback true for the textbox1
"autopostback", huh? Did you see anywhere a web or ASP.NET tag?
Vigneshb6 20-Dec-10 2:29am View
Vigneshb6 15-Dec-10 7:59am View
Use PagedDataSource
Vigneshb6 15-Dec-10 7:03am View
Vigneshb6 15-Dec-10 7:02am View
Where u wanna show the time at that point add the DataTextFormatString to DropDown as DropDown.Items.Add(DataTextFormatString);
Vigneshb6 2-Dec-10 5:42am View
Thank you thatraja it solved.................
Vigneshb6 26-Nov-10 6:31am View
I am telling the same thing to my TL.***** Fellow not listening.
Vigneshb6 23-Nov-10 8:56am View
If it's Chris then don't Unnecessarly give the Suggestions Mr. Hiren Solanki_____________.
Vigneshb6 18-Nov-10 23:29pm View
Hi Sunasara I solved my problem by using subqueries and Union thanx for the response.
Vigneshb6 18-Nov-10 9:31am View
Sorry i can't use intersect here
Vigneshb6 18-Nov-10 9:27am View
First Query Results Main Contractor Results and his salary
and the second query should return the SubContractors Results and there salaries of that particular Main Contractor. If i use the Union i will get the results. but if there are no MainContractors details in the EmpPayments table it should not display the SubContractor's Details actually i have to use this query in Crystal Report.
Vigneshb6 18-Nov-10 9:18am View
after selecting the 1 query and i want to show the 2nd query results i have used Union but it is not showing the results for my requirement but i used intersect it should show correct but it is not showing correctly.
Vigneshb6 18-Nov-10 8:48am View
Yes You Can get the data from database
Vigneshb6 17-Nov-10 23:54pm View
Mr. Hiren Solanki _______ . How can you think that your answer is accepted by the user may be he is not clear with your answer.
if your saying that creating a redundant answer then why did you gave the answer when it is already there. Don't feel like the owner of the code project buddy.
Vigneshb6 15-Nov-10 23:45pm View
if you find it helpful
Vote it.
Vigneshb6 15-Nov-10 23:29pm View
What did you tried for this and where did you got strucked.
If you didn't try first of all try it and if you are getting any problem post here.Here people solve your problem but they will not do the homework for you.
Vigneshb6 15-Nov-10 4:06am View
Your Question is not clear.
Vigneshb6 15-Nov-10 2:29am View
I have solved my problem by Selecting the table instead of command
Vigneshb6 15-Nov-10 0:54am View
Your Question is Not clear what item you want to update on what condition can you come up with some examples.
Vigneshb6 12-Nov-10 5:37am View
arey yaar check if(Session["UserName"]!=null)
and put the break point you will get to know.
Vigneshb6 8-Nov-10 6:20am View
Thanks Nijboer for ur answer
Vigneshb6 8-Nov-10 6:19am View
I got it
Actually it should be if(EditddQuantDesc!=null)
Vigneshb6 28-Oct-10 8:37am View
Actually What Requirement u want it should not allow 1 that's it.
it is working fine, may be u have to change the expression for the correct o/p.
Vigneshb6 25-Oct-10 7:13am View
What is this?
Vigneshb6 5-Oct-10 9:41am View
ok buddy
Vigneshb6 1-Oct-10 7:54am View
S it is Mr.Toli moli
Vigneshb6 12-Aug-10 8:14am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Yes ur Right
Vigneshb6 12-Aug-10 5:27am View
Actually it's not working
Vigneshb6 12-Aug-10 3:03am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks Very help Full
Vigneshb6 24-May-10 7:40am View
Ya i sort out the problem on my own.
If u will i troubled u posting this question i am sorry