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Robin Purbia 17-Jan-18 7:54am View
If your image is embedded, you can't change it at run time without rebuilding the EXE image is not embedded it is content and then i am changing my image still nothing effect on my exe.when i change the exe should reflect the new image but it didn't...
Robin Purbia 26-Jan-17 3:20am View
Robin Purbia 26-Jan-17 3:17am View
0. Noted.
1. Customer control because, that Custom Control I'll be using in other parts of Application as well.
2. Paging because, Customer needs Paging only, not scrollbars.
Robin Purbia 8-Aug-15 14:13pm View
Robin Purbia 30-May-14 17:44pm View
Yes, I know this code, please read my query once again.

Whenever there is a Postback, lets say on grid paging, then the gridview datasource will get null ...
Robin Purbia 24-Apr-13 1:05am View
Robin Purbia 24-Apr-13 1:04am View
Okay brother.
Robin Purbia 8-Jan-13 4:22am View
Please give me any appropriate example of WCF netTCP binding ....... Thanks in advance...
Robin Purbia 3-Jan-13 0:44am View
Okay... I'll study this ... and hope this helps me ... thanks
Robin Purbia 22-Dec-12 7:57am View
This is not the solution ...
Robin Purbia 15-Nov-12 14:39pm View
I have already tried both the solutions given by you, but I just want reduce code, and if possible just make it with a single function...