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All Time Programming 1-Feb-14 3:15am View    
I tried forcing to compile using x86 platform only, but that didn't worked for me. Finally I tried installing the Driver from and that made my app running back to normal.
All Time Programming 12-Mar-12 6:13am View    
Hello, To make sure at the client side, I added 1 more comment while the request to the server is sent in SendPost(). I see there the duration is longer. In the logs, see the 2nd one in bold, there the duration to actually sent the POST is delayed. What can be the reason for that.

REQEST: Kindly see the question, have added code for "SendPost()" and new logs.

Hoping to find the cause at the earliest.
All Time Programming 7-Feb-12 1:07am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Very simple and straight forward solution. I don't think this problem can have a better alternative.
All Time Programming 7-Feb-12 1:05am View    
@Member 3896609, If we use TeeOutputStream then our application also neds to add Apache lib. I don't think that can be recommended for this simple task and just to avoid implementation of MultiOutputStream. Instead I would implement the class and minimize my application size (by not adding apache lib).
All Time Programming 16-Jan-12 0:54am View    
Thanks reza kia.
Good to know that it helped some one.