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Comments by anshudutta (Top 21 by date)

anshudutta 15-Apr-12 21:56pm View
DO you mean proxy for web services?
anshudutta 1-Apr-12 22:14pm View
What kind of graph are you talking about?
anshudutta 16-Nov-11 22:26pm View
No comment
anshudutta 16-Nov-11 22:25pm View
Use AJAX to handle post back. Thats what google does
anshudutta 16-Nov-11 22:16pm View
anshudutta 8-Jul-11 6:25am View
There is no code, i am using a simple blank project with some controls dropped on the Page.xaml
anshudutta 26-May-11 8:37am View
Please give detailed description of your problem and error message.
anshudutta 25-Apr-11 3:40am View
There are many ebooks and online tutorial. Please google
anshudutta 25-Apr-11 3:32am View
Do you want to do this through code?
anshudutta 23-Feb-11 9:14am View
I tried it with arrayList adding 1,2,3,4 as doubles. Still no luck. Could you get it working?
anshudutta 2-Feb-11 2:07am View

I am using IIS 7.5 with windows 7. I have confiured https binding in port 8083 in my IIS. I have attached a certificate to that port called MyWCFServiceCert which I created using makecert. I then followed the steps that you mentioned.
anshudutta 1-Feb-11 7:05am View
I don't get any errors as such. Only chrome and IE says the certificate is not trusted. This even when I imported my certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. In a nutshell, I have my certificates in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities but still get the certificate error in IE / chrome (but not firefox). I do not want to make the client ignore the certificate error as that would just bypass the problem and not address the issue.
Did you ever try and do what I am doing in your local system? Did you face these problems?
anshudutta 1-Feb-11 3:47am View
Thanks for your reply.
I did what you said, but it still shows the certificate error. Also, when I install certificate through the browser, it does not show in the Trusted Directrory. I tried manually importing the certificate in the Trusted folder, but it still shows the certificate error.
Note - When i browse the .svc file through IE or chrome, they show me the certificate error. But Firefox somehow has no problem. My concern is, if the certificate that I created and attached to the IIS (through https binding) is not valid, I would get error when my clien tries to call the service through proxy. Any idea?
anshudutta 1-Oct-10 0:21am View
Well I am binding to a northwind database.. product table and trying to filter products by supplier ids. The combobox is bound to collection of supplier ids. When a particular supplier id is selected, the binding should filter products based on that supplier id. Cant understand why is it throwing Null exception
anshudutta 1-Oct-10 0:06am View
I thought that initially, then I commented the code in my predicate and just wrote return True . It still throws the error.
anshudutta 23-Sep-10 8:06am View
Great to know. Pls mark as accepted if you think it was the right answer
anshudutta 23-Sep-10 6:34am View
You have one event handler for handling events for all combo boxes. I think that is what is causing the problem. Try creating array of combo box. See if that works
anshudutta 23-Sep-10 5:43am View
Which line are you exactly getting the error?
anshudutta 23-Sep-10 3:04am View
Please elaborate your question? You have a function which gets response from a website in string. Is your question - How to convert that string to xml?
Member 7117674 22-Sep-10 3:33am View
Not sure what your question is. Are you asking how to do this or are you facing a problem doing it?
Member 7117674 16-Sep-10 6:50am View
Thanks! Do you have a code snippet or an example that I can use?

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