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Comments by Pouria Polouk (Top 30 by date)

Pouria Polouk 20-Apr-20 4:48am View
Sorry about that
Pouria Polouk 4-Mar-19 13:00pm View
Thank you
Pouria Polouk 4-Mar-19 13:00pm View
Thank you, I'll consider your solution
Pouria Polouk 4-Mar-19 9:15am View
Thank you
Pouria Polouk 28-Feb-19 14:24pm View
thank you.
But how can I select some fields from the table with method?
Pouria Polouk 23-Feb-19 0:20am View
Thank you for your attention.
Despite writing the Default part, there are three errors related to the tables:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Data.Linq.Table<windowsapp.hvl85>' to 'System.Data.Linq.Table<>'
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Data.Linq.Table<windowsapp.hvl86>' to 'System.Data.Linq.Table<>'
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Data.Linq.Table<windowsapp.hvl87>' to 'System.Data.Linq.Table<>'
Pouria Polouk 10-Jul-17 17:12pm View
I have used json_encode function before.
But it didn't work.
I don't know why!?
Pouria Polouk 10-Jul-17 16:44pm View
Thank you, but I think we can return a value to JQuery using "echo" in PHP.
isn't it like this?

In fact my code doesn't work as following:
alert("the image size doesn't match...");
Pouria Polouk 15-Sep-16 17:27pm View
thank you for your help
Pouria Polouk 15-Sep-16 14:47pm View
yes, But it's not enough.
I want more examples.
Pouria Polouk 15-Sep-16 14:38pm View
Could you tell me if you know a perfect resource of examples about "grant alter"?
I think that Microsoft's samples aren't enough.
Pouria Polouk 15-Sep-16 14:05pm View
May I ask a question?
Pouria Polouk 15-Sep-16 4:44am View
thank you dear friend
Pouria Polouk 14-Sep-16 13:07pm View
Unfortunately I hadn't studied the documentation.
Thank you so much Richard.
Pouria Polouk 14-Sep-16 12:35pm View
Yes, I understand.
But when I want to use some of db_securityadmin role permissions I have to be in db_owner role either.
For example in the code below:

EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_datareader','otherUser'

When I wanna run it, just db_securityadmin role is not enough and I have to be in db_owner too. On the other hand when I am in db_owner role, I’ll have the access to higher permissions’ level uncontrollably, which this must NOT happen!

what's the solution?
Pouria Polouk 9-Sep-16 14:18pm View
thank you
Pouria Polouk 8-Sep-16 12:57pm View
Thank you for your attention.
But I don't think you get my question!
Pouria Polouk 8-Sep-16 12:45pm View
Sorry, I'm not convinced completely.
What do you mean by "unnecessary"?
So why does Microsoft use both of them?
Pouria Polouk 8-Sep-16 11:52am View
Both of them work.
And both grant permission to the all objects on database level.
I just don’t know the difference.
Pouria Polouk 7-Sep-16 13:48pm View
thank you so much.
there is no enough example.
Pouria Polouk 1-Sep-16 18:07pm View
thank you
Pouria Polouk 22-Feb-16 9:40am View
I don't want to use getline method.
thank you so much... solved(ios::binary).
Pouria Polouk 21-Feb-16 14:00pm View
using namespace std;

int main(){

ifstream myfile;"c:\\new.txt", ios::in);
myfile.seekg(0, ios::end);
int filesize = myfile.tellg();
char *content = new char[filesize + 1];
myfile.seekg(0, ios::beg);, filesize);
content[filesize] = '\0';
cout << content;
delete[] content;

return 0;


File content:
this is a test
this is a test
Pouria Polouk 21-Feb-16 13:40pm View
The problem is still there.
But the number of special characters is decreased!
Pouria Polouk 21-Feb-16 8:08am View
thank you
Pouria Polouk 21-Feb-16 8:07am View
thank you
Pouria Polouk 29-Jan-16 2:25am View
thank you so much
Pouria Polouk 13-Jan-16 5:20am View
thank you so much dear friend
Pouria Polouk 13-Jan-16 5:11am View
that's right.
I was mistaken.
Pouria Polouk 3-Jan-16 16:11pm View
hi guys,
thanks for your attention.