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Mohd Wasif 23-Sep-16 5:23am View
Yes correct
Mohd Wasif 30-Nov-15 5:36am View
These below lines are giving errors.
grdRegulationFile.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];
Mohd Wasif 23-Sep-14 2:55am View
Yes correct but in this page I have not used $(document).ready() function.
Should I need to make changes in "bootstrap-select.js" file or some where else please suggest
Mohd Wasif 23-Sep-14 2:48am View
Yes You are right the visuals of pages is not working properly.
Mohd Wasif 3-Apr-14 7:33am View
My Bad. Actually I forgot to mention that session time out was changed from IIS to 200 min.I have updated my question.
Mohd Wasif 27-Mar-14 1:05am View
my +5
Mohd Wasif 27-Mar-14 1:05am View
Worked for me
Mohd Wasif 27-Mar-14 1:04am View
Thanks a lot. worked for me. my 5
Mohd Wasif 23-Jan-14 3:28am View
UerControl1 and UserControl2 and Function name is ResetControls();
Mohd Wasif 21-Jan-14 0:33am View
Thanks but I have a treeview in reset function to uncheck all the nodes and that is raising null value exception.
Mohd Wasif 21-Jan-14 0:30am View
Both are on the same page.
Mohd Wasif 5-Dec-13 6:16am View
Actually I am creating dynamic query that why there is need of declaring variable like that.
Mohd Wasif 5-Dec-13 6:11am View
I have updated my question .I am in a condition of creating dynamic query for that on the basis of variable @i there exists a table like if value of @i=123 then table name becomes
ASYNCSEARCH_123.I have to get all records from that table.Can You help me.
Mohd Wasif 25-Nov-13 5:13am View
My function is some thing like this
GroupArr = eval(strFileTypeGroup);

it works fine in IE11 and Firefox but not in IE10
Mohd Wasif 26-Jul-13 8:14am View
Please elaborate you question what actually want implement using group by?
Mohd Wasif 29-Nov-12 5:05am View
in Silver light
Mohd Wasif 23-Sep-12 0:54am View
Thanks But I am taking about grid control not a datagrid control.
Please help
Mohd Wasif 30-Jul-12 2:47am View
Actually I have to integrate a feedback Page consists of mailing information with a link of Silverlight Application.
Mohd Wasif 30-Jul-12 2:24am View
Actually this is my need.
Mohd Wasif 10-May-12 2:18am View
I want that if time is 1:00 am .....12:00 pm then each hours I want page to be refreshed.
Mohd Wasif 15-Mar-12 8:40am View
I have done this but I am not receiving mail in my mail box.
Mohd Wasif 14-Mar-12 9:47am View
Thanks a lot problem resolved.
Mohd Wasif 12-Mar-12 0:51am View
I am using C#
Mohd Wasif 3-Jan-12 2:49am View
Sorry Working my 5
Mohd Wasif 3-Jan-12 2:47am View
Not working.
Mohd Wasif 29-Dec-11 1:02am View
I want output as:

Mohd Wasif 22-Oct-11 1:32am View
Good Answer my +5
Mohd Wasif 10-Oct-11 1:50am View
Ok thanks
Mohd Wasif 29-Sep-11 8:08am View
Label lblTime = (Label)Master.FindControl("lblTime");
is a solution
Mohd Wasif 29-Sep-11 8:08am View
This is solved.
Mohd Wasif 16-Sep-11 7:40am View
It is showing error.
Mohd Wasif 16-Sep-11 1:55am View
Hey Dear If I have string as 13/02/2011 as in dd/MM/yyyy format.Then how I will change it in MM/dd/YYYY Format.
Mohd Wasif 9-Sep-11 7:31am View
Please clarify bit about output
Mohd Wasif 5-Sep-11 8:13am View
Thanks Dear
My +5
Mohd Wasif 29-Aug-11 5:39am View
Please Clarify
what is oItems and input.

If I am not worng then oItems is CheckBoxList control Id
and what about input
Mohd Wasif 18-Aug-11 2:09am View
My Problem is this I am displaying data in the Gridview on the click event event of button.Are U sure it will work on RowDataBound
Mohd Wasif 29-Jul-11 6:59am View
Please provide your code ?
Mohd Wasif 27-Jul-11 3:06am View
Please clarify your question.
Mohd Wasif 26-Jul-11 8:08am View
My 5
Mohd Wasif 26-Jul-11 0:56am View
Provide your table
Mohd Wasif 23-Jul-11 3:48am View
Dear You can not get dot net control in HTML Page
Mohd Wasif 22-Jul-11 8:43am View
Status Column is Showing as NULL
Mohd Wasif 22-Jul-11 6:29am View
You can't call gridview event in button click event
Mohd Wasif 22-Jul-11 6:27am View
OK Do something like it.
DateTime sdate= Convert.ToDateTime(txtDateFrom.Text);
DateTime startdate = sdate.AddYears(1);
Mohd Wasif 22-Jul-11 6:21am View
Please let me know what do u want to do on click event of button
means(edit,update,delete) or something.
Mohd Wasif 22-Jul-11 2:15am View
Please clarify what do you want?
You want to create update procedure in sql server or
you want to update table record by gridview updating event through procedure.
Mohd Wasif 21-Jul-11 7:08am View
Please provide your query which you are using for populating gridview
Mohd Wasif 15-Jul-11 7:04am View
Good Answer my 5
Mohd Wasif 30-Jun-11 9:17am View
I tried my best but unable to find the exact solutions
Please help.
Mohd Wasif 23-Jun-11 9:49am View
path/to/default/image.jpg" this is a static path or I have to create another column for default image in table
Mohd Wasif 23-Jun-11 9:48am View
I have given path of default Image but not working .
Mohd Wasif 22-Jun-11 9:28am View
Please give data types of fields in table .
Mohd Wasif 14-Jun-11 1:58am View
It is a web application or desktop.
If it is a web application then use java script.
Mohd Wasif 8-Jun-11 7:20am View
Ok Dear it is running properly on my website let me check
Mohd Wasif 30-May-11 2:25am View
Question is solved
Mohd Wasif 30-May-11 2:25am View
Mohd Wasif 26-May-11 8:26am View
Mohd Wasif 25-May-11 7:14am View
You haven't set format of calender.

<cc1:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender2" Format="dd/MM/yyyy" runat="server" TargetControlID="ttdate">
Mohd Wasif 24-May-11 8:10am View
Please clarify Wat do u want.
What do want to on clicking image .
Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 4:11am View
select datediff(hh,getdate(),date)
then use it you will get
Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 3:26am View
select datediff(d,getdate(),date)as date,Id, Name,address from tablename
Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 3:25am View
so what is the problem use query as per your selection of column of table
Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 3:05am View
Here Please let me know that you want difference between two dates in form of day of date
Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 2:42am View
<add name="conStr" connectionstring="Data Source=servername;Integrated Security=SSPI;AttachDBFilename=|DataDirectory|CLINICAL.mdf;User Instance=true"
="" providername="System.Data.SqlClient">

Mohd Wasif 21-May-11 2:41am View
You have not placed server name in this connection string
Mohd Wasif 20-May-11 8:33am View
I have bind dropdown from database .I mentioned Clearly
Mohd Wasif 19-May-11 7:52am View
then please let me know how to call a class object or session in this java script function

thanks in advance
Mohd Wasif 19-May-11 5:48am View
You are right but the thing is this if user forgot to logout or he closes the browser then still it will be showing that you are already login. This is my problem.
Mohd Wasif 18-May-11 0:56am View
Please tell me the formats u want to use.
Then I will be able to help you.
Mohd Wasif 17-May-11 1:01am View
Please provide the result you want
Mohd Wasif 17-May-11 0:59am View
Hey Wat do u want if am not wrong you want the result should be first two lines means

62 1 4 68 best 4
71 1 4 68 hello 4
Mohd Wasif 13-May-11 2:39am View
I am not asking for Gridview . I can do it in Gridview my requiremnet is for Repeater
Mohd Wasif 28-Apr-11 2:38am View
Actually that's not a problem .The thing is this I have two tables in one table there are multiples record for a date and MHours and MMins are values from first table and calculated on the basis of date time function and DHours and SMins from other table having only one record and saved data in ABC table
Mohd Wasif 27-Apr-11 0:42am View
yes i debugged it but it is not getting server side
Mohd Wasif 11-Apr-11 7:31am View
Costica Thank you .
Can you do a favour for me .
How to use this procedure through aspx page.
Mohd Wasif 6-Apr-11 7:40am View
Mohd Wasif 5-Apr-11 4:55am View
Mohd Wasif 31-Mar-11 7:25am View
Question is Solved .
There was hardware error.
Mohd Wasif 7-Mar-11 5:31am View
Please Let me know how to close the Question?
I don't know Please Help.
Mohd Wasif 7-Mar-11 1:17am View
Mohd Wasif 23-Feb-11 5:36am View
Solved !!!!!!!!!!!
Mohd Wasif 14-Feb-11 2:32am View
Mohd Wasif 9-Feb-11 7:23am View
Mohd Wasif 9-Feb-11 7:23am View
Mohd Wasif 3-Feb-11 0:30am View
C# and basically I have to compare with 10:30 in time format
Mohd Wasif 3-Feb-11 0:28am View
The things is this I have to compare the time with 10:30 that's
u have converted it into string and I have to compare it with time format.
Mohd Wasif 2-Feb-11 8:14am View
It's again giving me 07/02/2011 but i want in 02/07/2011.
Mohd Wasif 2-Feb-11 8:01am View
CS0117: 'string' does not contain a definition for 'format'

showing this error
Mohd Wasif 2-Feb-11 2:08am View
Mohd Wasif 2-Feb-11 2:08am View
Mohd Wasif 31-Jan-11 7:47am View
Please take HTML input(text) control and set runat="server"
it is working
Mohd Wasif 31-Jan-11 7:43am View
Basically I have taken HTML Control and set runat="server".
Take HTML Input(Text) control and set runat="server"
It will work fine.
Mohd Wasif 28-Jan-11 5:56am View
Actually i displayed data in table but don't know how to put header and footer in table.
Mohd Wasif 27-Jan-11 7:58am View
Question is Solved
Mohd Wasif 27-Jan-11 6:21am View
suppose I have to call email then what i will have to do at code behind
Mohd Wasif 25-Jan-11 6:01am View
Solved Thanks Guys
Mohd Wasif 25-Jan-11 4:28am View
no i am not talking about that.Actually when I am entering date like 24/01/2011 in textbox and in code behind
DateTime Dob = Convert.ToDateTime(TextBox2.Text);
its showing string in incorrect form.
Mohd Wasif 25-Jan-11 2:45am View
Thanks but on click event of button
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
DateTime Dob = Convert.ToDateTime(TextBox2.Text);


it's showing error as: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
Mohd Wasif 25-Jan-11 2:19am View
Please give the structure of table
Mohd Wasif 19-Jan-11 4:30am View
or go to this link
Mohd Wasif 18-Jan-11 7:50am View
then do something like it

<asp:GridView ID="GrvDept" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Width="100%"
DataKeyNames="DepartmentId" runat="server" CellPadding="4" ForeColor="#333333"
GridLines="None" onpageindexchanging="GrvDept_PageIndexChanging"
onrowcancelingedit="GrvDept_RowCancelingEdit" onrowediting="GrvDept_RowEditing"
onrowupdating="GrvDept_RowUpdating" AllowPaging="True"
Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="Small" PageSize="5" onrowdeleting="GrvDept_RowDeleting"
<footerstyle backcolor="#507CD1" font-bold="True" forecolor="White">
<rowstyle backcolor="#EFF3FB">
<asp:CommandField CausesValidation="False" ShowEditButton="True" />
<asp:BoundField ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" DataField="Department" HeaderText="Department" />

<asp:CommandField ShowDeleteButton="True" />

<PagerStyle BackColor="#2461BF" ForeColor="White" HorizontalAlign="Center" />
<SelectedRowStyle BackColor="#D1DDF1" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="#333333" />
<HeaderStyle BackColor="#507CD1" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
<editrowstyle backcolor="#2461BF">
<AlternatingRowStyle BackColor="White" />
Mohd Wasif 13-Jan-11 7:01am View
Question is solved
Thanking u a lot I used datalist working for me.
Mohd Wasif 13-Jan-11 0:45am View
Questions is solved thanks a lot
Mohd Wasif 13-Jan-11 0:44am View
Thanks a lot called this code on blur of textbox
& it's working
Mohd Wasif 11-Jan-11 6:04am View
Problem Solved Thanks alot
Mohd Wasif 11-Jan-11 6:04am View
Thanks For Solving my problem
Mohd Wasif 4-Jan-11 5:58am View
Thanks problem has been solved out.
Mohd Wasif 4-Jan-11 4:53am View
Thanks for your response but I need to find out data key value.
How I will get it in button click event ?
Please let me know
Mohd Wasif 4-Jan-11 2:15am View
Every thing is working fine and the values are updating in database but the things is even there are no records in database in it is showing in Gridview.
After foreach loop i did it
if (!IsPostBack)
but no solutions I got.
Mohd Wasif 29-Dec-10 1:18am View
Thanks this helped me.
Mohd Wasif 14-Dec-10 1:15am View
No No ,Actually I am retrieving data for reporting and from 2 table
1 query is a simple one but in 2 query i have used aggregate function that's the problem.
Mohd Wasif 3-Dec-10 8:13am View
Please clarify your question in detail to be answerable means on which event you want to do Page Load Event or grdiview Event
Mohd Wasif 3-Dec-10 4:46am View
Question is Solved
Mohd Wasif 1-Dec-10 3:47am View
Thanks for ur suggestion .i sorted out my problem here show footer visibility was false i did it true right now its running well
Mohd Wasif 27-Nov-10 1:29am View
Thanks alot
Mohd Wasif 23-Nov-10 8:04am View
Please give your code if still not working.
Mohd Wasif 23-Nov-10 7:59am View
Make Function as
Void Clear()

call this function on click event Hope it will run.
Mohd Wasif 17-Nov-10 23:53pm View
Clarify ur question.
Mohd Wasif 2-Nov-10 8:27am View
What kind of error it's giving.
Mohd Wasif 1-Nov-10 0:54am View
Give u design page.
Mohd Wasif 1-Nov-10 0:54am View
Please clarify more.
Which content u r using .Are u using Master Page or something else.Please provide properly to be answered.
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 9:01am View
What kind of tree u r taking about.
Binary Tree,Tree View or something else.
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 8:43am View
Many Many Thanks To You.
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 8:18am View
Give your procedure
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 8:14am View
I did it earlier but as I said as soon as i start entering text in first textbox
thing should be displayed on second textbox
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 4:56am View
How did u do it and what error is arising?
Mohd Wasif 29-Oct-10 2:13am View
Give first two line of design view of master page and child page.
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 7:13am View
Good Answer
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 7:05am View
what is + filename +
Please clarify
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 7:02am View
Every thing is ok
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 6:25am View
where controlname means the control u want to pass .
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 6:18am View
Plz ask ur question in English .

It is not understandable by most of us .
To Answer.
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 3:21am View
and what r u doing.if i say u r following
Mohd Wasif 28-Oct-10 2:17am View
Thank U
Mohd Wasif 27-Oct-10 8:27am View
Please clarify weather U r working in web or desktop application.
as in desktop application would not be possible.

for web use ajax collapsible Extender
Mohd Wasif 27-Oct-10 6:28am View
Please give ur code and the items in ur table.
Mohd Wasif 27-Oct-10 3:27am View
U might be having problem in connection.Provide the code u so that to be answerable.
Mohd Wasif 27-Oct-10 1:36am View
means i want to play viedeo in page .Please clarfity
Mohd Wasif 27-Oct-10 1:25am View
Elaborate ur question to be answer.
Mohd Wasif 26-Oct-10 8:59am View
means i want to all video in my web page
Mohd Wasif 26-Oct-10 8:30am View
Dear I have done all that but i need how to use through controls suppose if i m passing all the values through textbox and what would be linq query on button click.

thank u.
Mohd Wasif 26-Oct-10 1:50am View
Ur question is not clear .
Please let me know what do want to do with that control or u want for pop-up or something else.
Mohd Wasif 25-Oct-10 7:46am View
Please clarify your question, there is not enough to be understandable.
Mohd Wasif 23-Oct-10 3:59am View
Ok ,
Might be as she had mentioned forms
Mohd Wasif 23-Oct-10 3:15am View
U can directly import data from excel to sql server
Mohd Wasif 23-Oct-10 1:23am View
Let me know whether u r working with sql server 2005 or with
Mohd Wasif 22-Oct-10 3:39am View
None of them is working
Mohd Wasif 22-Oct-10 3:26am View
Then What I will have to write to that button continues to load the same page.
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 9:19am View
khan sahab kya install kar liya hai.
Anyways close ur system and try again if u again don't get it then u have to reinstall it.
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 9:03am View
SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(@"Server=NGENIOUS-WSSDEV\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MIC;Trusted_Connection= True");

use this like it.
SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(@"Server=NGENIOUS-WSSDEV\\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MIC;Trusted_Connection= True");

in server name there shud be \\
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 9:01am View
On which event u have called this code on button event or something else.
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 8:57am View
Aarti i have used this code in my application its running fine no issues are there .

check it i opened the connection before
and make your that u r entering same data as per table defination from front end.
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 1:11am View
means ur question what do u want.
Mohd Wasif 21-Oct-10 1:11am View
Just Clarify Ur answer
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 7:08am View
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 7:02am View
Plz copy and paste from
SqlConnection cnn1 ...
To cnn1.Cloase();
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 6:55am View
Aarti Just Check it all the values of controls are passing in same parameter

like in @productname we are inserting label12.Text.
Here U have shown be label12.Text. will be used for productname or productcatagory or quantity etc.i gave u code u need to pass related controls values as per parameter.

So check it .u will not find any error
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 6:26am View
Clarify weather u want to insert 1000 rows from one table to another or something else .
Describe little bit ur question
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 6:05am View
also add EnableEventValidation="false" in design of page
Mohd Wasif 20-Oct-10 1:12am View
Just Clarify ,Which Control u r using and on which application(desktop or Web)
Mohd Wasif 15-Oct-10 6:27am View
You have written format of date wrong as u are entering in mm/dd/yyyy
and u are fetching as mm-dd-yyyy and it is completely wrong compdat<'25-1--2010'
in case if we entering in varhcar the we should retrive as we save in database else we need to do casting varchar into date time and as per ur format to retrive date
Mohd Wasif 13-Oct-10 6:50am View
how u are inserting date difference in third column, i don't think there should be use of 3 column.
Mohd Wasif 13-Oct-10 3:26am View
Give Ur Code .I will try my best to give u solution.
Mohd Wasif 13-Oct-10 1:28am View
Give proper question?
Or u want to say that u have 2 listbox and First List box Selected Items U want to Show in another list box on pageload.
Or Something else?
Mohd Wasif 12-Oct-10 3:58am View
Sandeep i am not talking about passing querystring value from one page to another but i want to use querystring in workflow foundation and want to pass along with the webpage name.
Mohd Wasif 11-Oct-10 0:15am View
I am not asking for a complete solution but I should know how to start and how to call web page through workflow and where to write logic.give a brief code of a small module of inventory suppose only for purchasing.
Mohd Wasif 9-Oct-10 6:12am View
How to design a work flow for an inventory and how to call it in web application.
Mohd Wasif 9-Oct-10 3:54am View
Dear I can do it in web application but I am talking about sendmailactivity of workflow foundation with the integration of workflow with web I want to send emal message.
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 8:22am View
just give your wriiten code in my format
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 8:12am View
just write query in sqlcommand and parameter as i did surely u will get the result
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 7:32am View
Ok wait for few moment i am checking it
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 7:22am View
Thank Yo Dear It worked
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 7:02am View
Reply something as I also in need of work flow
for a web project
Mohd Wasif 6-Oct-10 6:55am View
I am not getting what is defined under this link