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Farah Siraj 14-Mar-14 4:18am View    
Thanks, I have linked/imported tables as i desired but still the problem is whenever i import tables again and again, Access create create another tables with the same succeeding with 1,11 and so on while remaining old imported tables. I tried to delete records from old imported tables but no effect in creation of new table every time i click import.
Is it possible to replace the old imported table by the new table with the same name???

Thanks in advanced.
Farah Siraj 13-Mar-14 7:49am View    
Sorry by mistake, i posted objFile.Name instead of objFile.Path
My Question is the same as above.
Farah Siraj 14-Apr-11 3:45am View    
Thanks all
I have a strange problem now that MS script debugger is installed in my system but it doesn't showing any error even the dialogue box doesn't ask "do you want to debugg"
How can i see error?
Farah Siraj 7-Apr-11 3:00am View    
But whats the good of ?
When i save file with ".js" so on right click anyone can open it with notepad.
If i download it so i have to save it with ".html" so it bould be run, again the person can open it with notepad.
I can't understand what to do?
Farah Siraj 6-Apr-11 5:37am View    
If i'm using background image via css then what happens that ialthough i have set image height and width by 100% but it shows the original image heigth and width which is very less.
How can i set heigth and width in this code.
Please help me to fix it.
<script type="text/javascript">
function changeStyle()

<div style="background-image:url(Towers.jpg);


<input type="button" önclick="changeStyle()" value="Set background-image" />