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guptaadeepak 5-May-12 9:14am View    
thanks losmac but i want with out not in because if i am click 10 time view more then not in string is long and its take too much time do u have any other alternative?
guptaadeepak 3-Oct-11 2:14am View    
hello friend i am using the same code on button click and whole code is
protected void btupreview_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(GetType(), "Javascript", "<script>alert('Record Added Successfully')</script>");

script is also mention here design part only one button on which click popup alert msg but when i am click on button alert popup is not working plz guide me?
guptaadeepak 29-Jul-11 7:37am View    
i am trying but not able to view calendar
guptaadeepak 29-Jul-11 7:28am View    
wasif when i am drag and drop the calendarExtender its not like your code its not show <ccl:> and it <asp:> what will i do??
guptaadeepak 29-Jul-11 7:24am View    
hello lovejeet provide the permission of that folder go security and then IIS and apply and ok and your file will be save on server ok