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GregWyatt 5-Jan-16 16:30pm View    
With the limited information its hard to say, but if you are saving the file to disk you may not have permission on the server to actually save the file. If this is the case, you would have to add security permission for the application pool you are using to the folder you are writing to.
GregWyatt 30-Jun-15 14:50pm View    
A dictionary only allows one entry for a particular key value. Are you trying to gather up several items that possibly have the same key value into one data structure? I noticed you labeled your variable results, which would indicate you were just trying to collect data, but not necessarily follow limitation of a dictionary.
GregWyatt 29-Dec-14 15:26pm View    
Are you resetting or clearing any of the textbox values prior the event firing(like in page_load or page_init)? Also, you said you were able to check the values in the code behind, does this mean the send event is firing correctly? Lastly, are there any update panels on the page that we should we know about?
GregWyatt 19-Nov-14 11:14am View    
I'm not sure this is the solution since you say it is being set and you can see it, but the Jquery call you are using is incorrect. It should be $(textbox)[0].val(ProductList[i]); Here is a link to the page explaining this val() is specifically used for input, select, and textareas. Hope this helps.
GregWyatt 14-Oct-14 14:41pm View    
Can you clarify a few things? Are you able to set the size parameters of tinymce in its init script? Are you creating a user control as in an ascx file? Or are you just trying to create a web form aspx page with the tinymce control and other input buttons? If you are making a user control ascx, could you please provide all of the code?