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sarfaraznawaz 4-Apr-14 2:37am View    
why this will appear any idea
sarfaraznawaz 22-Feb-11 0:44am View    
thanks ......
sarfaraznawaz 10-Feb-11 1:01am View    
I am trying to select the text of client area which i had paint by using the textout().how i had display the text see ..............

<pre lang="msil">void GetFormattedData( PVOID pBuf,DWORD dwOffset, CString &szFormatted )
BYTE *SETBUFF = ((BYTE*)(pBuf)) + dwOffset ;
szFormatted.Format(_T("%08d: %.2X %.2X %),dwOffset,SETBUFF[0], SETBUFF[1],;

<pre lang="cs">for(int i = Start; i<= End; i++)
GetFormattedData(m_lpData, (i + m_nVScrollBarPos )* m_cyChar,szFormatted);
m_pDC.TextOut((1 - m_nHScrollBarPos) * m_cxChar , i * m_cyChar, szFormatted);

now i want the text to be selected using OnLButtonDblClk