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Comments by Sports Kuo (Top 99 by date)

Sports Kuo 13-May-13 4:33am View    
Thanks SA so much of your fully support.
Sports Kuo 6-May-13 1:31am View    
Thanks CrytalsB, it works well.
Sports Kuo 2-May-13 23:45pm View    
Thanks CrystalB,

I write lines according to your suggestion as below :

ResourceSet resourceSet = rm.GetResourceSet(culture, true, true);
string resourceKey;
string resourceValue;
foreach (DictionaryEntry entry in resourceSet)
resourceKey = (string)entry.Key;
resourceValue = (string)entry.Value;

and it wors well, however, it can only get the string for 'Name' and 'Value', how can I get the string of 'Description' in rm ?

Thanks again of your fully support.
Sports Kuo 25-Feb-13 0:19am View    
Hi Jegan, It works according to you solution ! Thanks so mush.
Sports Kuo 24-Jan-13 0:14am View    
Thanks of your suggestion, I'll see how to improve the event handler sturcture to meet the expected request.