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Comments by anvas kuttan (Top 42 by date)

anvas kuttan 30-May-13 4:07am View    
do you have any javascript to postback the page?
anvas kuttan 1-Feb-12 0:47am View    
yes i am almost gone through every hope. i made my entire code to windows service but this sql notification service wont get invoke that time. i foun that Begin invoke method is fro system.controls may that is why that event not firing in windows service.
anvas kuttan 13-Sep-11 2:23am View    
Actually i need to convert this exe to a service any idea pls
anvas kuttan 13-Sep-11 2:22am View    

Thank you for u reply actually i wont have any interface i created a project and create a EXE too now i want to convert this EXE to service
anvas kuttan 21-Jul-11 2:21am View    
working fine in all cases but birthday is current date it shows 0

ie, 18/7/2011 current date
18/7/2010 date of birth
age shows 0