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Comments by Henry.Ayoola (Top 23 by date)

Henry.Ayoola 8-Nov-11 5:25am View    
Reason for my vote of 3
What does this add beyond a reference for alternatives 3 and 6?
Henry.Ayoola 3-Nov-11 10:15am View    
Or you could turn validation off and do your own validation on the inputs.
Henry.Ayoola 28-Oct-11 5:11am View    
Reason for my vote of 4
Definitely an improvement to tie into Linq. I'd have gone a bit further: rather than having methods with different names I'd have an overload with an extra argument (probably a flag enum).
Henry.Ayoola 13-Oct-11 6:14am View    
It improves the uniformity of the probabilities.
Henry.Ayoola 13-Oct-11 6:12am View    
Yes, but it would be algorithmically better. You're essentially doing the original O(n^2) Fisher-Yates, whereas you could easily be doing the modern O(n) version.