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Comments by preet88 (Top 51 by date)

preet88 3-May-15 17:52pm View    
I have to populate a list of data that will fetched from database unlike in this solution where input is being provided by user.
please give me some pointer in that.
preet88 23-Oct-12 8:55am View    
i have returned true, but that was not working.
its .NET 2002 in which i am making this change.
preet88 26-Jul-12 8:44am View    
your welcome:)
preet88 10-Jul-12 5:27am View    
why this answer is downvoted may i know the reason for this ???????
preet88 10-Jul-12 5:19am View    
i've broken your table further into above written attributes
first table will have 3 columns
and second will have 4 columns
suppose you want to store data of your given example then it can be as here::
col1 col2 col3(FK) col1(PK) col11 col12 col13
xxxx xxxx 1 1 a b c
xxxx xxxx 2 2 a1 b1 c1
now whenever you want to receive data of lets say first row of first table then you can apply join on these two tables based on refrenced key
i hope you'll get solution to your problem...