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Hummer463 14-Aug-13 2:02am View    
Yes ! It works !

Thank you.
Hummer463 13-Aug-13 13:34pm View    
I am new to WPF so please bear with me.

If I set DisplayMemberPath="{StaticResource fruitImprover}" I get the following error: An object of the type "FruitImprover.EnumDescriptionConverter" cannot be applied to a property that expects the type "System.String".

If I add a converter ..

ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource Fruit },Converter={StaticResource fruitImprover}}"

then I get the following error: Unable to cast object of type 'FruitImprover.Fruit[]' to type 'System.Enum'

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for the help so far ..
Hummer463 20-Jun-13 6:40am View    
Thank you ! You were right. My regional settings had "," instead of "." for decimals. changed it and now my application works again.