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amit2620 20-Apr-16 10:53am View
I have write the log and xml string has data but converting to data set it creates problem. I didn't find issue at local machine but the exception comes at production.
amit2620 12-Apr-16 10:20am View
By using System.Data.XmlReadMode.ReadSchema it is returning blank dataset.
amit2620 13-Nov-14 9:34am View
API and users are performing write events not read events. so one process is causing deadlock to prevent writing by other process. Can you please let me know any way to insert into table which is already locked by other process.

amit2620 13-Aug-14 8:39am View
On local it is not giving such error.These errors are thrown on production
amit2620 25-May-12 12:35pm View
This is not a dumb question.I am referring the pdf which I want to open.If I closed the new window after printing pdf then it will generate right pdf.If I didnt close any one of new window then the problem persist
amit2620 18-May-11 14:24pm View
yes,I have added them as bcc as per requirement it send mail as another mail to bcc person from system.How system will send a single mail at a time to multiple people
amit2620 20-Dec-10 11:59am View
I think its time to ask it from your side
amit2620 20-Dec-10 11:59am View
very good post .It works for me.Thanks
amit2620 4-Dec-10 4:15am View
its depends upon me i can't change my attitude this is my plus point need to change ur attitude
amit2620 3-Dec-10 18:37pm View
I have tried to much then i have asked this question if u are not interested in giving answer then f*** off
amit2620 19-Oct-10 6:42am View
yah I got its answer
U were wrong i have to loop through to get image
for (int i = 0; i <= gridhome.Rows.Count; i++)
Image img;
img = (Image)(e.Row.FindControl("imgPrettyPic"));
int itemid = Convert.ToInt32(ds.Tables[0].Rows[i][3]);
img.ImageUrl = "~/Handler1.ashx?id=" + itemid;

amit2620 19-Oct-10 5:17am View
but without loop it also show the last item ids image
amit2620 8-Oct-10 2:21am View
I am storing it in msaccess database.
amit2620 7-Oct-10 9:03am View
i am using ms access and datatype is memo
amit2620 4-Aug-10 0:57am View
my problem is not that..which u have answered...i dont want to fill dropdown 2 u read question or not