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Comments by vinayakJJ (Top 43 by date)

vinayakJJ 14-Nov-13 5:19am View    
update your code here
vinayakJJ 5-Aug-13 8:00am View     CRLF
what output r u expecting your code giving correct output to me --> 1 for green
vinayakJJ 5-Aug-13 7:46am View     CRLF
do you want this string Doctor\DOCUMENTS\1326\Photograph\Penguins.jpg to be cut from this D:\TFS\User\Tech.Apps.Ever.Web\Tech.Apps.Ever.Web\Doctor\DOCUMENTS\1326\Photograph\Penguins.jpg string am i correct
vinayakJJ 11-Jul-13 7:28am View     CRLF
this is linq simplest way to find the data frm xml element Descendant method will find only that element and convert it to string and the create array of it that array will hold all the elements value from xml file which is prayertimes so you will have an array of value of element "prayertimes"
vinayakJJ 11-Jul-13 6:21am View    
dat doesent mean that answer was wrong at least by my answer you come to know that there was a problem with browser not code