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Jitendra Sabat 9-Dec-13 6:13am View
I can't help you with only html and css,but using script(JQuery) you can get it done by some criteria.Let me know what your selection criteria is.
Jitendra Sabat 25-Oct-13 8:10am View
Ok.....i will take care of it next time.
Jitendra Sabat 24-Oct-13 10:22am View
I may sound quite illogical in this context,but i have faced some such scenario in which PHP compiler rejected raw string as input parameter to a function.Instead passing of parameters by the help of variables worked out.I don't know why,but i assume this may be a solution to the problem.
Jitendra Sabat 17-Oct-13 6:10am View
Go through the material in detail.You have to go for client side scripting as well as server side scripting for this task.Please, go through the prescribed material in detail.
Jitendra Sabat 17-Sep-13 5:22am View
I want to upload pdf,image and doc files for my purpose.
Jitendra Sabat 17-Sep-13 5:21am View
Thank you for response.I need controller action method code to receive valid values in file variable.
Jitendra Sabat 4-Sep-13 1:18am View
Jitendra Sabat 2-Sep-13 2:29am View
Please simplify your question.What you have to do?
Jitendra Sabat 29-Aug-13 6:25am View
What do you mean by List page and Add page.I can't figure out what your requirement is and what you want.Please explain your problem briefly.
Jitendra Sabat 29-Aug-13 5:55am View
using System.Web.Mvc;
Make sure that your controller class is inherited from "Controller".It should work out.
Jitendra Sabat 29-Aug-13 5:37am View
Can you put your controller code as well as your view code for reference???
Jitendra Sabat 23-Aug-13 5:51am View
Sorry,i can't see any of your mentioned checkbox on popup.If you can ,please provide a screenshot.
Jitendra Sabat 23-Aug-13 4:47am View
Where are your checkboxes.I did'nt find any one.Please clarify your question.
Jitendra Sabat 23-Aug-13 2:31am View
Jitendra Sabat 22-Aug-13 9:28am View
Jitendra Sabat 22-Aug-13 1:17am View
Thanx for suggestion.
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 9:13am View
Yes of course.You can implement if you want.
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 8:45am View
I just assume that your ListViewItem class has Id and Name property,to which i have assigned dynamically fetched data from Linq query.I also assume that my record from table will have Id and Name property as its members.
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 7:59am View
Nice answer.
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 7:48am View
can you please post your textbox markup along with datepicker script?
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 7:25am View
Jitendra Sabat 21-Aug-13 2:54am View
But it's working in my demo.Do check your code properly.
Jitendra Sabat 20-Aug-13 1:17am View
I guess, your form submission do not take place correctly.The data you sent to server are not available at particular page during submissioin,that's why it is by default taking "None" as it's value as you have provided "None" as an optional value.
Jitendra Sabat 19-Aug-13 2:48am View
Above code does the same as you say.Whatever checkbox checked by you will be sent to controller.Others will. remain intact as usual.
Jitendra Sabat 16-Aug-13 9:40am View
Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Jitendra Sabat 14-Aug-13 9:39am View
Hi Radhika
Now code is working fit n fine.I have checked it twice.You can go for it...
Jitendra Sabat 14-Aug-13 6:38am View
As per your suggestion i rectified my code with discount functionality.Please have a look...
Jitendra Sabat 14-Aug-13 5:56am View
As i have taken array length will be your number of courses selected.Then utilise array length in switch case to implement your discount logic.Thanx..
Jitendra Sabat 14-Aug-13 5:43am View
Sorry!....i have not taken price in to consideration.Now in the edited code,it's fine.Thank you.
Jitendra Sabat 14-Aug-13 3:21am View
Ok......i got it.Then, better to go for session as it is a global variable.
Jitendra Sabat 13-Aug-13 10:31am View
What is your objective?Whether you are trying to verify password for a particular user or what?Please clarify your question.
Jitendra Sabat 12-Aug-13 3:09am View
Jitendra Sabat 12-Aug-13 2:18am View
Please,refer to the updated answer...
Jitendra Sabat 12-Aug-13 1:56am View
Please,clarify your question.I did'nt get you...
Jitendra Sabat 2-Aug-13 9:31am View can go with lightbox.It's a light weight and awesome plugin.Have a look at
Jitendra Sabat 2-Aug-13 6:33am View
Thanx....Have a good day.
Jitendra Sabat 2-Aug-13 6:29am View
Dear TarunEmre,
Yes, in case of c# you will refer to the current object,if you are using 'this'.Likewise in javascript also 'this' refers to current object.In your application when you are clicking over a particular link on your page,current object refers to that particular object on the page.
Jitendra Sabat 2-Aug-13 1:50am View
Thanks Vyacheslav for your suggestion...
Jitendra Sabat 1-Aug-13 1:32am View
Thanks a load Vyacheslav.'trigger' event of jquery solved my problem. :)