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major konig 16-Jan-12 7:48am View    
nothing to to with that utility from noah , only similarities.

i recorded traffic from another utility (much more parameters to set).
major konig 16-Jan-12 7:42am View    
what so hard to understand ? , my first post shows very clear what happens to com port .

once copleted all sequences(on yellow field above) data can run from a rs232 external device to a target app .

i was only asking for a small utility, exe , driver, say it as you wish ,to to make any(any=thats what i asked for setting com port number before run)com port behave like this.

thats does original utility , and im trying to replece it cuz its a part from a huge app with a lot of limitations.

thank you
major konig 16-Jan-12 7:05am View
used that to set com port settings and send hex data to device as in captured data i posted ,get same data from the device as original utility that im trying to skip but data stucks somewhere didnt reach the target app.
so if you agree this aint an easy job why are you send me for googleling ?
major konig 16-Jan-12 6:21am View    
sorry, no skills workin with scripts , only thing i did by myself was recording data traffic.
also most of utilities from net who override windows serial port settings are blocking data coming out from com device.
just hoping to find some help here......