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Vanathi.A 5-Jan-12 11:42am View    
Hope you people too have some work!
Vanathi.A 5-Jan-12 11:41am View    
Oh I am really sorry! I did not have enough time to spend on this dispute!
Vanathi.A 4-Jan-12 11:23am View    
The problem is related to algorithms. I think this is a site for suggestions or solutions. So no one has the right to categorize any particular post.
Vanathi.A 4-Jan-12 10:26am View    
yes it is a programming question.
I don't need the exact coding.
I need the algorithm to implement this.
Vanathi.A 17-Mar-11 12:51pm View    

You can easily do so..

1. In start menu select Run .
2. Type dcomcnfg and click OK
3. Component Services window is opened.
4. Expand the nodes Component Services -> MyComputer -> DCOM Config .
5. Right click on the application that you want and select properties.
(In my case it is Microsoft Excel Application ).
6. Microsoft Excel Application properties dialog box is opened.
7. Click on Security tab or Identity tab whatever necessary.
8. Click on the link " Learn more about setting these properties ."

All necessary details you need are provided there :)