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onlineQry 27-Dec-12 13:55pm View
I have created a .jar application which i m allowing only for our registered users and only they can use it. through this application our client can access their details like account balance, last transaction, latest things for him from our website.

Our clients are known by their provided unique mobile number only. so dats why i need the user number whenever he send request through the .jar application only.

Now if our .jar application (J2ME) can fetch then this is will also gud.

If any one has other solution for that then please share with us to guide us.

(One more thing that mobile number is the only way to know him because we also have facility to check their status by sneding SMS on our long code.)
if we able to fetch the IMSI number of sim then this will also work for us. but ligin Id and password can never...

onlineQry 29-Nov-12 9:43am View

package allflexisms;

import java.util.Vector;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
//import javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection;
//import javax.wireless.messaging.MessageListener;
//import javax.wireless.messaging.TextMessage;

* @author Vikas Kaushik
public class HelloMIDlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {

private boolean midletPaused = false;
private Display display = Display.getDisplay(this);
Form mainForm = new Form("Welecome to");
Form ActiveForm;
//Command Button
private Command GetSMS = new Command("Login", Command.OK, 1);
private Command backButton;
private Command exitButton =new Command("Exit Application", Command.OK, 2);

private static final String RECORD_ADDED = "N";
private static final String ORDER_SHIPPED = "N";
//UI Text Fields
TextField UNUM = new TextField("Number:", "", 12, TextField.ANY);
TextField USMS = new TextField("SMS", "", 20, TextField.PASSWORD);

StringItem ErrorVal = new StringItem("", "");

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Fields ">//GEN-BEGIN:|fields|0|
private Command exitCommand;
private Form form;
private StringItem stringItem;
private Ticker ticker;

* The HelloMIDlet constructor.
public HelloMIDlet()

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Methods ">//GEN-BEGIN:|methods|0|
//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Method: initialize ">//GEN-BEGIN:|0-initialize|0|0-preInitialize
* Initializes the application. It is called only once when the MIDlet is
* started. The method is called before the
* startMIDlet method.
private void initialize() {//GEN-END:|0-initialize|0|0-preInitialize
// write pre-initialize user code here
// write post-initialize user code here

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Method: startMIDlet ">//GEN-BEGIN:|3-startMIDlet|0|3-preAction
* Performs an action assigned to the Mobile Device - MIDlet Started point.
public void startMIDlet() {//GEN-END:|3-startMIDlet|0|3-preAction
// write pre-action user code here
switchDisplayable(null, getForm());//GEN-LINE:|3-startMIDlet|1|3-postAction
// write post-action user code here

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Method: resumeMIDlet ">//GEN-BEGIN:|4-resumeMIDlet|0|4-preAction
* Performs an action assigned to the Mobile Device - MIDlet Resumed point.
public void resumeMIDlet() {//GEN-END:|4-resumeMIDlet|0|4-preAction
// write pre-action user code here
// write post-action user code here

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc=" Generated Method: switchDisplayable ">//GEN-BEGIN:|5-switchDisplayable|0|5-preSwitch
* Switches a current displayable in a display. The
* display instance is taken from
* getDisplay method. This method is used by all actions in the
* design for switching displayable.
* @param alert the Alert which is temporarily set to the display;
* if null</co
onlineQry 7-Sep-12 10:50am View
thanks ToolkitScriptManager is working fine. now it displaying the popup :)
onlineQry 7-Sep-12 10:37am View
I m using Scriptmanager and no error found on click page just goes directly in server side.
But Strange!!! same code is working in demo project which i downloaded from a site ???
onlineQry 7-Sep-12 10:34am View
No, I m Using Scriptmanager and No error comes when i click page directly goes on server side.
But strange same code is working in demo project. and i have checked each and every thing but no mistake becoz its simple code. when i run demo code it works but when i copy the page on my project it does'nt work. may be any setting during new project creation or in webconfig.
onlineQry 7-Sep-12 4:58am View
I have posted my codes plz check the same is in demo project
onlineQry 30-Aug-12 17:24pm View
i did as you said but still not showing. but when i use a jscript alert msg then during msg this window also displays and when it click ok on that msg this window also goes back.
onlineQry 26-Aug-12 14:31pm View
My Webpages receives the data as querystring with my webUrl address and which is sent from SMS server as Url forwarding technique through web request...

Then I use that data in various Cheking, fetch useful infromation from database and at last i confused that How would now i send back this information to SMS data server from where this web pages is requested. SEcondaly how will i close. teh webpage or other wise my page will remain open in memory.
onlineQry 2-Jul-12 7:43am View
But I think its paid and secondly i don't know to develop software on Mono android as same as my desktop application
Is setup of this application not run on android?
onlineQry 15-Dec-11 4:37am View
its ok but how to look/check this session id on first page after when closing second page?
onlineQry 27-Nov-11 2:52am View
I have no idea to use web serices. if any example then guide me through it. Thanks for coopration.
onlineQry 27-Nov-11 2:51am View
thanks for understainding my problem. One more thing that if i plan to develop website for client then the frontpage will give different look in different plateform. Is there any developing tool or method to adjust page automatically according to device basically on spartphone vs desktop ?
onlineQry 11-Apr-11 5:17am View
yes but it give DS not defined error. as
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. on this line
onlineQry 9-Apr-11 15:37pm View
dear sandeep i have a website and also a MS-Access database on server and i just want to use this database from one of my desktop app also (which is developed in 2008)
onlineQry 12-Jul-10 5:23am View
i mean i have a website where i have uploaded my database (MS Access 2003) also this database is used to keep record my website users as well as memebers details.
on other hand i have also developed a desktop software in vb .net where i have another database (just a duplicated of server databse)
now i want to create a connection through coding so that i may update my desktop database wit hmy werver dataabse
see for desktop dataabse conncetion is so easy for me but if i want to connect my remote database throug hdesktop application i m zero.

if you understand my problem so plz reply me as soon as possible. and Thanks in advance with humble request

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