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Comments by satpal 2 (Top 50 by date)

satpal 2 21-Jun-16 2:55am View    
i am using facebook api on masterpage of this content page..
satpal 2 5-Feb-16 1:44am View    
600-800 request per hour
satpal 2 3-Feb-16 5:54am View    
Sascha Lefèvre i editied my question..i am not interested in making service that burden server every 15 min or any other time any alternative for this
satpal 2 3-Feb-16 0:55am View    
yes it is misread.I want to say that 15 minute please take a look (above).
satpal 2 2-Feb-16 9:11am View    
thank fro reply Sascha Lefèvre!

if i post news and want to display on my default page at once that news than i have to wait for 15 minute for separate process to fill table ?? except this if this separate process hit on every 15 minute(or any short interval eg;30 second, 1 min)this will be headache for sql server and make it busy unecessary??