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Sivachandran R 16-Aug-19 13:02pm View
Around 10 devices each devices post around 2500 records to same table at same time. All the data in Json object post through web which can be the better option for answer 2.
Sivachandran R 15-Aug-19 12:54pm View
Thanks for your reply. Can you please give me more details regarding “batch as flat file”,since I am very new to android device application development, even if any article.
Sivachandran R 14-Aug-19 11:25am View
Actually syncing data from mobile to sql and sql to Mobile through web api . Table format is having clustered and non clustered index. At same time multiple devices send and receive huge amount of data from sql server. Procedure has normal insert and update into tables. I will post the sp when I reach my work place. Thanks for your reply
Sivachandran R 17-Oct-17 1:52am View
Thanks RollupBob
Sivachandran R 14-Oct-17 2:09am View
Thanks for your Advice.
Sivachandran R 9-Oct-17 6:28am View
Thanks Richard
Sivachandran R 9-Oct-17 6:07am View
So is there any way to add password to pdf with other option?
Sivachandran R 7-Oct-17 12:46pm View
sorry corrected my question
Sivachandran R 3-Oct-17 1:41am View
Thanks Gholam
Sivachandran R 24-Aug-17 7:29am View
Thanks for your Information
Sivachandran R 24-Aug-17 1:33am View
Please provide me a perfect solution or sample for SSO (Single Sign on).
Sivachandran R 9-Jun-17 6:33am View
hi i have used this one in MVC but when i try to use this in C# it shows me 403 Server error.I want to confirm that whether it works in C#

type: "POST",
url: "BLL.cs/METHOD?PTR=" + String(texts),
data: {},
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",

success: function (msg) {
if (msg.d == true) {
return true;
else {
var mob = '<%= Session["str_mob"] %>';
var name = '<%= Session["str_fname"] %>';
if (confirm("Mobil Number Already Exist in " + mob + " from " + name + "Press Ok To Continue") == true) {
return true;
else {
return false;

Sivachandran R 9-Jun-17 6:31am View
Thanks For your Reply. My project is a Content management where control are created dynamically. So to apply with Javascript and HTML Object looks difficult
Sivachandran R 2-Jul-14 5:27am View
I have fixed it thank you