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Comments by rupalelink (Top 5 by date)

rupalelink 20-Aug-10 6:03am View    
ok but can you pls explain how to check MS office installed or not while installation of EXE
rupalelink 9-Aug-10 8:21am View    
Its working in simple form but when its a child form in MDI page then its not working..
try to resolve my problem pls.
rupalelink 9-Aug-10 7:59am View    
thanks for your suggestions..i tried for it but it doesnt work..
do u have any other idea?
rupalelink 5-Aug-10 3:46am View    
thanks for your ans but i already done it yest with grid view..
rupalelink 28-Jul-10 7:28am View    
I want to insert bulk data (millions of records) from data table into oracle database table using C#?
is there any way to pass datatable as parameter in storeprocedure ?