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pluss400 16-Nov-13 6:24am View    
SAK solution did not work at all. As I pointed out to him. If I use KeyDown or KeyPress doesn’t change anything.
The question is easy to understand.
The point is what happens width the key running from the keyboard all the way to the control. What the solution in the end will be when I intercept at deferent stages.
Ive solved it by remembering the keyboard message queue system. It explain the control behavior very well and I shall be handling the key code accordingly.
Anyway. Thank you for answering.
pluss400 16-Nov-13 5:39am View    
I’m so sorry to insist, but as long as you continue pointing out that your answer was ok, I have to reply that your answer was NOT AT ALL YOUSTEFIED.
I feel wary insulted by your answer and I understand you removed it. So now you won´t give me the opportunity of making a complaint.
Keep your personal opinion to yourself!
pluss400 10-Nov-13 15:44pm View    
saMaybe you shouldn’t jump the gun before you know who you try lecturing. You use your knowledge to undermine people with less knowledge, so you thought.
My other advice is to you. Try to be helpful instead. That’s way many of us are in here. Trying to get an answer to some peculiar incident.
pluss400 10-Nov-13 4:12am View    
Hi again SA.
My question was easy to understand despite the gibberish.
You should take time reading the text correctly without getting a nerves breakdown. I wouldn’t want that on my account.
For your information the EventArgs do NOT have the key code that KeyEventArag have. I want the Virtual-key Codes. I don´t want to use the low level windows hooks. I don´t want to get involved with the TranslateMessage function because I don´t need to.
I have solved the problem. It was steering me in the eye all the time. By remembering the order in which the keyboard message queue operates.
Now I will give you some advice. Maybe you should go some anger management course.
You should try have a nice day because I will.
pluss400 8-Nov-13 1:34am View    
SAI thought someone would understand the gibberish. I kept the text to a minimal. I was in a hurry. Sorry for that.
Now I´ve done some updating that you might like, like it should have been the first time.
Now I don´t want the gibberish "eventArg" you should use "EventArgs" but I want to use KeyEventArgs to chatch the non character keys.
Now. My solution dos´nt work neither dos yours. Maybe I´t works in KeyPress but that dos´nt suit my solution!
What do you think. Should´nt I learn C# and WINAPI to?