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Comments by Sumit Kumar Singh India (Top 35 by date)

Sumit Kumar Singh India 28-May-14 10:11am View    
When i put in body then only this happened. When i put this javascript code in head then its not called automatically but the c# function not working in head.
Sumit Kumar Singh India 27-May-14 16:43pm View    
When i have pressed on the link, alert is coming. But when it is called automatically alert not coming and c# function ELearn.SetUserLanguage called. I am not able to find where is the fault.
Sumit Kumar Singh India 17-Dec-13 4:28am View    
I have done INSERT statement as you mentioned but still same problem.
Sumit Kumar Singh India 17-Dec-13 4:23am View    
34 parameters in SP and and i am passing 34 parameters. Its working if 5 or 6 fields filled and rest are empty. but i filled all fields then this error coming.
Sumit Kumar Singh India 17-Dec-13 4:09am View    
No i did not see any error.