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Comments by Kiran Susarla (Top 106 by date)

Kiran Susarla 12-Apr-13 5:39am View    
what is the error you are getting?
Kiran Susarla 9-Apr-13 10:53am View    
It is an LDAP query similar to mentioned below to retrieve the group details.
string ActiveDirectoryGroupFilterQuery2 = "(|(objectClass=msExchDynamicDistributionList)(objectClass=group))";
Kiran Susarla 14-Feb-13 6:47am View    
I understand that when you execute the stored procedure you are getting the error. Have you tried debugging by inserting some print statements and check which line is throwing the error.
Kiran Susarla 14-Feb-13 2:17am View    
What have you tried till now?
Kiran Susarla 14-Feb-13 2:15am View    
Where exactly are you getting this error?