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coderaug 23-Feb-11 23:20pm View
in case of silver light application we can access the image and then create a file stream for it. In our scenario, the image path is fetched from the database by the application the same is then passed to the silver light viewer. But If i do not convert the image path to URI then i get error that the path cannot be accessed. If i convert the path to URI i am not able to pass it as an reference to file stream.
coderaug 17-Nov-10 4:45am View
If i convert dicom image to some other format will that affect the quality of the image??
coderaug 12-Nov-10 1:07am View
I tried hard!!
coderaug 9-Nov-10 0:30am View
I am using
coderaug 7-Nov-10 23:50pm View
Abhinav,but in this case GUI needs to be changed right??
Database will be reused, WCF will be used to interact with database, and the client(GUI)??
coderaug 21-Sep-10 6:08am View
Also john is this thing possible wid VPN server
coderaug 21-Sep-10 6:07am View
please confirm if we cannot check that a particular .exe exists on the computer of the user or not coz i need to communicate it to my manager
coderaug 20-Sep-10 5:41am View
i have network based solution for a software. We need to create a web based solution for the same software. If we recreate the solution as web based application it will consume time however, my manager got to know about a alternative solution where we can use VPN server to use our network based solution as web solution. How can this be done???
coderaug 16-Sep-10 2:38am View
Very Funny!!..
coderaug 31-Aug-10 5:17am View
Can u please provide me link of such website
coderaug 31-Aug-10 4:50am View
yes, i have been provided with leadtools library. I have gone through their documentation regarding web application. They have a control,called WebImageViewer that is used to display images in case of web applications, but this control does not support Dicom images and the images we will be using are grayscale 16 bit.Also, there was a discussion in here regarding the viewer to be implemented as website or web application... i have searched net and wanted to clarify things from u ,if it can be created as website?? Also Sir,There has not been any information regarding a control in web for dicom images yet..u had however advised atalasoft..i would require some information from u regarding the same as my manager has provided Leadtools instaed..
coderaug 30-Aug-10 7:51am View
I have searched net sir,
1 reference link:
I actually want to know can Web Dicom viewer be implemented as a website?
coderaug 27-Aug-10 2:17am View
coderaug 27-Aug-10 2:16am View
The problem i face is that the image control in is not displaying the dicom file coz of the bits problem..
Also, sir if we go in for the dicom libraries mentioned by you how much time?(max) it can take to implement the solution(Dicom viewer and pacs).
Which library will you recommend between Atalasoft and leadtools and y??
coderaug 27-Aug-10 1:45am View
yes, i am working for a company.I have 1 year of exp in web application and i am totally new to the Dicom concept as well as window applications.
Can u help me convert
to a web application...
coderaug 19-Aug-10 0:04am View
I get error here:
Bitmap b = MakeGrayscale(new Bitmap(path.Substring(2)));
It says Invalid parameter is being passed..
It wants the complete path to be supplied... like when i give [path as c:\abc\ghk it works also, guide me how can i show the grayscal image after the method applies required modifications to it....
coderaug 18-Aug-10 1:43am View
Yes i did, I am following this link:
public static Bitmap MakeGrayscale(Bitmap original)
//make an empty bitmap the same size as original
Bitmap newBitmap = new Bitmap(original.Width, original.Height);

for (int i = 0; i < original.Width; i++)
for (int j = 0; j < original.Height; j++)
//get the pixel from the original image
Color originalColor = original.GetPixel(i, j);

//create the grayscale version of the pixel
int grayScale = (int)((originalColor.R * .3) + (originalColor.G * .59)
+ (originalColor.B * .11));

//create the color object
Color newColor = Color.FromArgb(grayScale, grayScale, grayScale);

//set the new image's pixel to the grayscale version
newBitmap.SetPixel(i, j, newColor);

return newBitmap;

protected void grayscale_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//Get the path of image file

string path = Image1.ImageUrl;

//create bitmap from path and pass as argument to function makegryscale2

Bitmap b = MakeGrayscale(new Bitmap(path.Substring(2)));

//overwrite with saving at same path


//set it imageurl

Image1.ImageUrl = path;

BUT it is giving me an error, the error says Invalid Parameter. plz let me know how can i use this method????
Also, can u provide me link of ur articles??
coderaug 17-Aug-10 2:43am View
Can u please provide with sample code
coderaug 10-Aug-10 0:20am View
y the answer is always combined with a taunt???