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mnd017 20-Jan-14 20:34pm View    
@PIEBALDconsult Thx for your answer but it's not important 'why'. I asked more like 'how'. Like Christian wrote, I already know who, how, where, when etc.. will install this software. I also know that he doesn't want to install sqlserver by his own.
@Christian, I added link to image

Back to the topic.. is it really so difficult to create configuration file for install in 2012? 1 day before I was thinking is's 15min job, now I'm thinking - is it even possible to do?
mnd017 21-Mar-13 11:34am View    
I tried million times and ways.. but always fail.. my main (first) question is how to connected them ? so two timepickers will see each other, even when they are inside composites.
mnd017 7-Jan-13 9:14am View    
Did you meant to return XMLDocument or Xml string from WCF and consume by Java client?
mnd017 7-Jan-13 5:09am View    
I know they can, but how to do it? Do you have some examples that show how to pass DataTable object via WCF to Java application?
mnd017 7-Jan-13 4:35am View    
I don't understand.. I don't know how to implement WCF service on server side.. Here I've got example ( but it doesn't work, when I try to refresh Web Service Client in Netbeans.. I need to replace DataTable so It could be readable from Netbeans and java application