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Comments by Dhanamanikandan (Top 59 by date)

Dhanamanikandan 15-Oct-12 3:39am View
Share ur code plz
Dhanamanikandan 15-Oct-12 3:36am View
what is ur return type?
Dhanamanikandan 15-Oct-12 3:35am View
Share ur script code plz
Dhanamanikandan 14-Oct-12 6:52am View
What do you mean external link here?
Dhanamanikandan 13-May-12 7:37am View
Do u want to run this JS code on load function?
Dhanamanikandan 11-May-12 3:22am View
@Dharan.. Plz post your questions by click the 'Have a question or comment?' link.. Don't Post in Solution textarea.

Dhanamanikandan 11-May-12 3:18am View
What is the VS version you using?
Dhanamanikandan 10-May-12 5:23am View
Have you tried anythin?
Dhanamanikandan 10-May-12 3:49am View
Are you familier with algorithum 3D Bin?

You can refer for algorithum
Dhanamanikandan 10-May-12 3:45am View
Please share ur SP with Data type..
Dhanamanikandan 10-May-12 3:43am View
Please add some more information to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 10-May-12 3:04am View
@Sebastian.. +1
Dhanamanikandan 8-May-12 8:58am View
Do you mean JQGrid?
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 10:21am View
Plz share ur code
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 6:28am View
Sorry, I am not clear with your request!
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 5:50am View
Please elaborate the question to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 5:15am View
Pls share your code
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 5:09am View
Pls share the column name with Tables names
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 3:41am View
Plz share your code to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 7-May-12 3:27am View
What is the error you are getting?
Dhanamanikandan 3-May-12 9:47am View
Do you want to set your image as link?
Dhanamanikandan 3-May-12 8:52am View
Please share your code to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 26-Apr-12 8:42am View
Do u know to get data from the SQL using ADO.Net/Linq?
Dhanamanikandan 26-Apr-12 8:27am View
Pls have ur question in 'Have a Question or Comment' tag.. You should not ask question on Solution tag.. Thanks
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 8:03am View
share your code to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 8:03am View
what do you mean 'HTML' Templates?
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 5:31am View
Do you want to embedd the excel content with your page?
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 5:27am View
Sorry, I am not clear with your question.. Do u like to open link or select a link in a page using ctrl key?
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 5:24am View
what is your exact need? I am not clear with your question.. Please post ur question in points.. Please note question should be generic! if you want to know for any specific pls mention as well
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 3:44am View
Where do like to have your control and how will you like to track that the if user go for a particular website from user machine?
Dhanamanikandan 25-Apr-12 3:22am View
Do u like to save the .pdf file in SQL?
Dhanamanikandan 24-Apr-12 3:07am View
Please share ur code to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 24-Apr-12 1:49am View
Using 'Show all files' button in the solution explorer and make sure that ur image was included in ur project and then u can publish it and host it. Try this.
Dhanamanikandan 23-Apr-12 7:48am View
share your code to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 20-Apr-12 4:02am View
your code is not clear to identify the issue. align your using improve question.
Dhanamanikandan 20-Apr-12 3:17am View
Where do you have that 'Some text' in your page?
Dhanamanikandan 20-Apr-12 3:15am View
Please improve your question to help you!
Dhanamanikandan 19-Apr-12 13:22pm View
pls share your code
Dhanamanikandan 17-Apr-12 5:15am View
you are welcome!
Dhanamanikandan 16-Apr-12 5:43am View
your question is to trim the input textbox value?
Dhanamanikandan 15-Apr-12 14:36pm View
share your code..
Dhanamanikandan 15-Apr-12 14:29pm View
jquery modal popup?
Dhanamanikandan 13-Apr-12 3:41am View
what 'secs' mean here?
Dhanamanikandan 12-Apr-12 13:37pm View
Please refer below link for ASP.Net textbox validation with javascript
Dhanamanikandan 12-Apr-12 13:28pm View
what type of validation u need for? post sample example
Dhanamanikandan 12-Apr-12 9:22am View
Please refer If this article not help you. Please let me know. Thanks
Dhanamanikandan 12-Apr-12 9:17am View
Please post your javascript code as well. I guess you have missed ')' in your JS Code. On the OncheckedChanged property you can define like this 'OnCheckedChanged();'
Dhanamanikandan 25-Mar-12 13:02pm View
I have updated my solution.. Plz look
Dhanamanikandan 24-Mar-12 1:05am View
I have updated my solution. Please look it. Thanks in advance!
Dhanamanikandan 27-Jan-11 12:19pm View
thank you.. now am able to run
Dhanamanikandan 10-Dec-10 13:33pm View
now able to use. thnkx

I have one more question why we can use 'VAR' only inside the method? why we cant use in class as below program. Please refer the program
[namespace DataAccessLayer
public class ProjectDetailsDAL
int[] numbers = { 5, 4, 1, 3, 9, 8, 6, 7, 2, 0 };

var numsPlusOne =
from n in numbers ]

Please advice...
Dhanamanikandan 28-Sep-10 0:44am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Automatic vote of 5 for accepting answer.
Dhanamanikandan 28-Sep-10 0:41am View
Thankq Nijboer
Dhanamanikandan 28-Sep-10 0:41am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Automatic vote of 5 for accepting answer.
Dhanamanikandan 25-Sep-10 6:42am View
ok thankx..

I have one more question..
Is it possible to run a code developed in .Net 4 framework in a system which doesnt have .Net Framework 4?
Dhanamanikandan 2-Sep-10 1:44am View
ya i did it this case too, but getting same error:(
Dhanamanikandan 2-Sep-10 1:43am View
yes, I tried it. Even though it showing the below error

"The type or namespace name 'Businesslogic' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"

Its non other than spelling mistake, plz help
Dhanamanikandan 1-Sep-10 15:41pm View
Spelling all were i given are correct in namespace, But even im getting the error which i mentioned..
Dhanamanikandan 1-Sep-10 15:39pm View
No error message like what u have mentioned above. Im getting only the error which i given here