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Agent__007 7-Apr-15 6:56am View    
Did you check the system's date and time? If they are correct, check this answer out: "". "Do not use that workaround in your production code". If that works, contact your SysAdmins/STGs/IT department to get a valid/trusted certificate.
Agent__007 7-Apr-15 0:36am View    
Thanks, didn't know about "CallerMemberName". :thumbsup:
Agent__007 13-Jan-15 3:55am View    
Oh snap! :D
Agent__007 13-Jan-15 3:54am View    
Not sure but are you sure its "1005", and not "1005 " or " 1005" or " 1005 " (notice the spaces)?
Agent__007 7-Jan-15 2:33am View