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Agent__007 7-Apr-15 6:56am View
Did you check the system's date and time? If they are correct, check this answer out: "". "Do not use that workaround in your production code". If that works, contact your SysAdmins/STGs/IT department to get a valid/trusted certificate.
Agent__007 7-Apr-15 0:36am View
Thanks, didn't know about "CallerMemberName". :thumbsup:
Agent__007 13-Jan-15 3:55am View
Oh snap! :D
Agent__007 13-Jan-15 3:54am View
Not sure but are you sure its "1005", and not "1005 " or " 1005" or " 1005 " (notice the spaces)?
Agent__007 7-Jan-15 2:33am View
Agent__007 7-Jan-15 1:58am View
Oh, didn't check that. Not sure why he has reposted though, everything was right there! :facepalm:
Agent__007 6-Jan-15 23:13pm View
Is there a specific reason not to use File.ReadAllText() method? MSDN Reference:
Agent__007 6-Jan-15 22:19pm View
Agent__007 5-Jan-15 22:46pm View
Agent__007 2-Jan-15 4:54am View
Are you aiming to click on any of the days to add events for that particular day? If so, why not consider Windows Forms or WPF, as BillWoodruff has suggested? Or do you simply want the event details to be entered by the user using the Console?
Agent__007 2-Jan-15 4:51am View
Well, he also needs to save events. What if he aims to do that by clicking any of the days? It's not gonna be that simple, is it Sir?
Agent__007 30-Dec-14 22:04pm View
Can you elaborate "the red line"? What error the compiler is giving when you build the project?
Agent__007 30-Dec-14 6:31am View
Agent__007 30-Dec-14 6:09am View
Agent__007 30-Dec-14 3:56am View
You are most welcome. I am glad it helped. :)
Agent__007 29-Dec-14 6:16am View
Did you try "Pack URIs"? link:

Basically, try either:
Agent__007 29-Dec-14 6:00am View
Are you sure the config section you have shown is for the same C# project from which you are trying to open a connection?
Agent__007 29-Dec-14 4:53am View
You are most welcome. Glad it helped.
Agent__007 29-Dec-14 4:19am View
Well, to me, the issue not very much clear. But my first impression would be: make sure you have a form control for your form fields (with Submit button, of course). Some code perhaps?
Agent__007 24-Dec-14 1:49am View
Can you show the code where you are hooking up "BackgroundWorker1_DoWork1()" method to your BackgroundWorker's DoWork event? It must be something like, "BackgroundWorker1.DoWork += ..."
Agent__007 24-Dec-14 1:39am View
How are you calling you ConnectionForReports() method? Cast objReport object to the type you are passing in and you should be good.
Agent__007 18-Dec-14 3:08am View
Is `arrConvertingColumn` a 1D array or 2D?
Agent__007 18-Dec-14 1:49am View
OT: BTW did you notice "(no name)" against your profile in "Edited" section of this question? Kind of weird..
Agent__007 15-Dec-14 3:13am View
I am not sure I get your issue, but I think you need to add SqlParameters and their values to your SqlDataAdapter instance. Refer: URL for details.
Agent__007 9-Dec-14 5:29am View
StreamReader class doesn't "implement" TextReader, it "inherits" or "extends" it. :)
Agent__007 11-Sep-14 23:16pm View
Please check if you are getting the "target" buttons by "this.Controls.Find("btn" + {id}, true).FirstOrDefault() as Button" statements, by "target" I mean the intended ones and not the default Button instance. You can decide that by looking at the values of other properties that you have set in your code/designer.

If they are not the "target" ones, probably you need to change this statement and try to find the buttons in your Panel instead of entire form, it should work. But if they indeed are the "target" ones, I am afraid I can't help you further on this, you need to debug the code in order to find the issue.
Agent__007 10-Sep-14 23:52pm View
Damned! Sorry, it should be 'Name' and not 'ID'. Let me know if that works.
Agent__007 9-Sep-14 23:56pm View
Are IDs of these buttons like you mentioned, like btn1, btn10, btn25, etc..?
Agent__007 29-Jul-14 6:08am View
Do you have some sort of logging mechanism in place?
Agent__007 9-May-14 1:08am View
Thank you! :)
Agent__007 8-May-14 6:59am View
You are most welcome. :)
Agent__007 24-Mar-14 7:46am View
oh, anyway, thanks !
Agent__007 24-Mar-14 6:00am View
I tried that, but as soon as I remove the binding with the ContextMenu, the MenuItems are being rendered as "disabled".
Agent__007 24-Mar-14 4:08am View
@Kenneth Haugland Ok, I have got it working by adding a CommandBinding in MainWindow as well (along with the ContextMenu) using this.CommandBindings.Add(new CommandBinding(DesignerCanvas.SetCultureENCommand, SetCultureEN)); and then this.InputBindings.Add(new InputBinding(DesignerCanvas.SetCultureENCommand, new KeyGesture(Key.G, ModifierKeys.Control)));. Although it seems to be working, is there any downside of this i.e. registering a CommandBinding with MainWindow along with ContextMenu that I am missing?
Agent__007 24-Mar-14 2:05am View
@Kenneth Haugland I am not sure what you mean by that, but I am open to redo it from scratch. Any pointers would be really appreciated.
Agent__007 17-Jul-13 8:12am View
What have you tried ?
Agent__007 16-Jul-13 10:31am View
Yes, that seems worth trying...
Agent__007 5-Mar-13 2:06am View
These lines seem to be ok, what is the issue ?
Agent__007 4-Jan-13 6:25am View
I suspect you didnot see my updated answer, please check this: I have updated my line as:
Dim fileName As String = "new.pdf"
Agent__007 4-Jan-13 4:18am View
Try changing your line
.WritePDF(path + fileName)
.WritePDF(System.IO.Path.Combine(path, fileName))

and also move this line out of and after while loop.
Agent__007 4-Jan-13 4:01am View
Well, I thought this is being done by your extension method WritePDF(), and you only have problem with generating the fileName. May I know what is WritePDF(string filePath) then?