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n.podbielski 17-Oct-16 10:28am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Ahhh what the hell.
I will give you three. Because you try even I do not agree with your article or event with some statements in it.
n.podbielski 20-Dec-12 18:14pm View
n.podbielski 20-Dec-12 17:20pm View
Maybe your project is really a WebSite?
n.podbielski 24-Nov-12 3:09am View
ok. no worries.
n.podbielski 23-Nov-12 2:05am View
If this work with CDN and not with file from disk I would say that your path to file is incorrect.
n.podbielski 23-Nov-12 2:03am View
You answered question not entirely about problem, and it was accepted anyway. This is bit suspicious. But whatever.
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:48am View
Crap. I saw question like this here not time ago. Even when you call this multiple time, it's still gonna do ONE thing multiple times since you will have in your hidden field value from last row. Try something else.
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:45am View
So you do want to expose you server side code to clients? You do realize how many things is wrong with that?
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:40am View
If I remember correctly in some version of MVC this was not implemented. Check if you not using that version.
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:39am View
Since 'normal page' is not using master page I don't see connection, why not use 1 version on 1 page and second on another. Also I don't see any information about it in your link.
Are you answering your own questions or what?
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:34am View
1. It's not my question.
2. Second It's not answer regarding subject. Hence --
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:31am View
What type is @Common.GetTemplate?
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:26am View
Its Java. Question is about ASP.Net
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:24am View
Is e.preventDefault not working?
n.podbielski 21-Nov-12 3:17am View
You should really format your question. Second, what do you mean by not working?
n.podbielski 20-Nov-12 5:16am View
No wories, just saying :)
n.podbielski 20-Nov-12 3:55am View
I was curious way this question has many answers. Yourself added 2 :)
But seriously, your advice is pointless since he got code in other answers :sigh:
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 17:31pm View
Don't think about this much. It's Monday's evening and I probably have to much to drink :)
And yes I was talking about CP repution pts.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 15:58pm View
And for 10 rep points... right? :)
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 14:29pm View
That was to Hugo SA. :)
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:17pm View
Just try from root node and try work yourself down through tree selecting desired data. I do that and this always work. Besides how can we help you with anything not knowing XML scheme?
Did you even thought this through?
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:09pm View
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:09pm View
Geez... Is this so hard to understand?
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:06pm View
Why you just call DataGrid.Update or DataBind method to just update contents of whole table.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:03pm View
Try trying.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 13:02pm View
I think that I have seen this before...
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 9:55am View
Write the code to do that.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 9:48am View
Don't you know how do what? Google 'executing stored procedure from c#' and stop wasting people, and yours in that matter, time.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 9:39am View
And what do you getting?
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 3:25am View
Look closely to your second code snippet. Is entire code for handle in handler placeholder? HINT: is in BLUE as html attribute should be? Or it is ending at some point and it is RED?

And I really suggest you to use web browser console to chceck for errors like this. It will save you tons of time.
n.podbielski 19-Nov-12 2:24am View
And the question is?
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 17:23pm View
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 14:17pm View
I thought rather about disabling question as it is "non consecutive". I don't know if this right word.
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 13:04pm View
So you CAN do it? And it will be not visible anymore?
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 13:03pm View
Oh... that's clever. And that's why I din not get it probably. To clever for simple engineer like me :P
But... I would discus how many error fixes it would get to make from "THIS" code to "THAT" code. If I will get your code and gonna add some fixed it will be my code? ;)
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 3:20am View
I am really trying to not remember and even not to take an account of who is asking the question. But really CP should have some button to close that kind of question as not specific enough.
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 3:15am View
Is this some English Grammar issue? I don't see much diffrence. Like "who" and "whom" :p
n.podbielski 18-Nov-12 3:13am View
Obviously guru's on CP must know The Secret Ways Of Forcing Computer To Do X (TSWFCTDX or Voodoo). Its sad really...
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 7:43am View
Find url to which your windows application is revering and see it is working.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 7:02am View
But services contains special page with configuration. Maybe this is disabled.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:39am View
Really, are CP is employing this folks to ask that kind of questions? :)
There are tons of Q with "I do {this} and it is not working plz help me...."
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:36am View
So go and do it. Don't let as stop you.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:34am View
Please edit your question to be more clear. For now I read this 3 times and still don't get it.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:22am View
And where is hosted your .asmx?
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:20am View
And the question is?
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:20am View
If PictureBox doesn't have OnKeyDown event, then how do you overriding it?
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:14am View
If you are asking question like this maybe you should not do this at all.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:13am View
Put this on web page .cs file. Fix compilation errors. Run. Fix runtime errors. Congratulations you are using THIS code.
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:11am View
No problem? No error?
n.podbielski 17-Nov-12 6:11am View
So you have 5 single radios?
n.podbielski 16-Nov-12 8:49am View
You are right. I don,t know how this happend. :)
n.podbielski 16-Nov-12 2:51am View
So instead of simple link, put change window location? I guess things always be more complicated.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 12:00pm View
Since .net is not much about memory utilization as much as performance, since c# is not much about memory either (gc, thread safety takes memory also) maybe you should write this in C++ pointers are less demanding. Or C since it is even lighter. Or assembler. Then you can use registers an CPU cache without use of memory at all.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 7:10am View
What algorithm? It is a number (1+0.5^0.5)/2
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 7:07am View
Don't use cursors. And don't expect people in CP to do work for you.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 6:12am View
Expecting an answer and you don't even care to format a question.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 6:01am View
"then both" what? Did you completed that sentence?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 5:24am View
What error ? Can you be more specific?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 4:04am View
No problem. Glad I could help.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:54am View
So what is the problem? Or you just infoming people on CP about your new project?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:52am View
So you want others to optimize pseudo code? Really?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:47am View
So what the problem?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:46am View
Do not work? Are there some errors?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:44am View
You should really start write some code and when you will sumble on some problems then ask for help.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:36am View
Also please format your question better next time.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:33am View
So how do you know that it is not working? Any errors?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 3:13am View
Um. Thats what logins are for?
n.podbielski 15-Nov-12 2:03am View
n.podbielski 14-Nov-12 16:31pm View
For the first question: I don't know. You must address documentation.
For the second: I remember options in JS Api for customization of markers so it is possible.

An in general as it is google software I don't know how it's licensing covers customization beyond API. You should read some info about that to. It could be dangerous if you break some rules.
n.podbielski 14-Nov-12 8:09am View
Please update your question since it is really hard to read and understand.
n.podbielski 14-Nov-12 4:50am View
Do you have to open a new window? Can't you do something like popup div, or toolpip? It is better solution since you have complete control of it.
n.podbielski 14-Nov-12 4:16am View
Unless he does not use ASP.NET 4
n.podbielski 7-Nov-12 5:18am View
I would say that there is something wrong with your code in other place.
n.podbielski 6-Nov-12 5:22am View
And for what you need that?
n.podbielski 6-Nov-12 3:10am View
then just add it to your code. I don't see a problem.
n.podbielski 6-Nov-12 2:04am View
Some kind of cookie? Session id?
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 13:46pm View
It is not problem with update panel. I suspect that it is security issue. Browsers never execute scripts inserted by ajax. It would be dangerous since you could do anything with the page in script.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 6:40am View
It is not possible. HTTP is HTTP. SMTP is SMTP. Both work over TCP, that's all.
You have to mess with PHP or other server language.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 6:37am View
++ :)
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 6:34am View
Token? What token?
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 6:31am View
So itemstyle verticalalign="Middle" width="200px" is not working?
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 5:33am View
Check value of comboBox3.SelectedValue maybe its empty or have value non existing in second table?
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 5:05am View
And what error do you having?
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 4:14am View
Just use declare SQL statement with viariables for those to dates.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 4:14am View
You did not wrote which sql you want. If TSQL see answer Aarti.
But I would strongly recommend you to do this in code, not in SQL since it is for data storage not for calculating anything.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 3:07am View
So you want to create server that have no IP address? What for? That what are IP addresses are for, so machines can communicate. It is like you would try to call someone without knowing phone number.
You should instead configure your network correctly.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 3:02am View
1. Please format your question.
2. What checkbox? There is none so far.
3. Dont use try catch in that way. This statement is not for universal bug fixing.
n.podbielski 5-Nov-12 2:58am View
Soooooooo.... You want this in SQL or Javascript?
n.podbielski 2-Nov-12 6:17am View
So you have a few slideshows on one page, and you want to pause all of them at once? You should have only one timeout for each slide show. If there is more it means that there is something wrong with your code.
n.podbielski 2-Nov-12 6:14am View
It's an example. I don't know name of html element with slides. So obviously you have to change variable 'slideshow'. It also suppose to be jQuery object since you added this tag to your Question. Maybe names of this 2 functions are wrong (onmouseover,onmouseout), I did not checked that. Search here:
n.podbielski 1-Nov-12 9:43am View
I guess you can encode script as BASE-64 and feed it like an image. But I also don't know what context urlToData function will do, maybe it would sanitaze content somehow. It's not important anyway. If it is content, an image I would just copy bloody thing to same domain and bother to do something like this.
n.podbielski 1-Nov-12 9:35am View
It's obviuos. It does not work. That is all. Gimmyacode,pleaseitsurgent.thanxinadvance :)
n.podbielski 31-Oct-12 12:17pm View
Settings of IIS parent dir maybe? I am glad if my comment was even remotely helpful. :)
n.podbielski 31-Oct-12 3:11am View
Maybe your web.config authorization is wrong. Maybe you configured it to protect all pages not only your [Autorize] attr protected actions and controllers?
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 15:53pm View
What do you mean by 'let you see'? Default action redirects you to login once and to / second try? Did you logged in?
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 15:49pm View
If you want to make wrap text around image like in word, then i dont think it's possible. Maybe there are some hacks but it is restriction of html. It have box model. Box. You can wrap several boxes around image but not one box with texts.
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 14:52pm View
He wrote he have express and enterprise version. I had those 2 installed if I remember correctly.
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 11:31am View
You can refactor code that creates those 100 arrays.
You can create array of arrays and loop by that array.
But 1 thing you should do for sure: kick in the balls someone that created that code in the first place :)
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 9:16am View
Can't you check what are those 2 types really and where conversion happens?
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 14:56pm View
Then just use keyword AS.
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 14:33pm View
Why? User suppose to know that his doings have effect.
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 7:39am View
How are you attaching this event?
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 5:26am View
Convert.ToChar('A' + dtResult.Columns.Count - 1)

Why are you converting to char char + int?
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 5:23am View
And what do you mean by that?
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 5:20am View
Did you tried Page_Init? I doing things like this on Init and it's working fine.
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 3:31am View
What about $().text()?
Is this not working either?
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 2:16am View
I read it few times and still dont have idea what you asking.
n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 1:16am View
Cannot you use just 'textContent' property of a tag?

n.podbielski 16-Oct-12 1:09am View
No problem
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 19:18pm View
"I am getting squiggly error lines."

Thats funny way of saying about Intellisense errors notifications.
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 18:30pm View
And what if you replace deserializer class and just replace method that throws this error and if you encounter data like this send another message to satisfy inhuman needs of QA?

In first answer linq there is interesting link that might be usefull:
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 17:58pm View
var spl = rel.split("x"); ?? Why?? this will always return array ["the same string",""] because in any attribute there is no "x"!

Why are you parsing first char of string (rel attribute) to Float and then to Int? How this make sense? Am I missing something?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 17:52pm View
Are you setting mime type?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 8:20am View
Comunication problem between pc and phone?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 7:47am View
Did you assigned value to Dog.Rnd at some point? For me this looks like null.
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 6:52am View
And you did wrote your own SqlRoleManager?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 6:21am View
I am sorry for my mistake. I was asking what do you mean by "export".
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 6:14am View
I you add the same parameter multiple times with diffrent values you will get on server string with this values separated with comma. Just split this string and you will get array.

Or just build this string yourself in some custom format. Either way it's dirty-hacky solution.
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 4:04am View
I do not understand what are you asking? Am I only one?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 4:02am View
Where? Winforms?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 4:01am View
Why do something like this. For this is runat property for.
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 3:59am View
Maybe in web.config you have still old assembly in Pages section?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 3:57am View
If you mean to add Rights to some url for some User by "in particular file", you can do that in web.config <location>
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 3:54am View
Reformat your question. Reading it hurt my eyes.
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 3:53am View
And what do you mean by "export"?
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 3:51am View
Never ever do that! Its bad design and bad pattern. And it's pain in the ass to debug application with try catch code style!
n.podbielski 15-Oct-12 1:11am View
It is complicated if you want to run it exactly as you want. But you can also click-add-create it in vs. Ide will do everything for you.
With json it is more demanding depending of how you want to call this service. If from .net site you can just add service reference from vs. If from example jQuery it is more complicated. Last time i was creating service i spend few hours just for configuring from which url this will be executed :)
Write from where you would want to call this solution.

Again wcf is complicated but also very powerful. So i think this wil be less error prone then your custom solution. For starter you have many things out of the box (authorization, serialization, deserialization, js scripts, data validation etc.) which in your solution you will have to make yourself.

Yes you can also just add app to your iss. Delete html from default.aspx and in page load deserialize some parameter to object calculate something and return another object serialized as JSON with Response.Write
It will be simple and it will work after 1 hour so again it depends what you want.

But if it will have to be more complicated i would add WCF service just to learn how to do that. Its popular technology so experience with it will not hurt.
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 14:35pm View
Then why wont you just use JSON enabled WCF service?
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 8:51am View
On server side or client side?
Do you mean like web page will load in browser? Then you want to run some server code?
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 7:16am View
First you downvoted my solution with JS without reason, and the you editing your question to give you solution with JS code?
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 6:50am View
Then maybe LinqToSQL do something funny with data. I would check with SQL Profiler what statement it's generating exactly. When you gonna see that maybe cause and solution will be obvious.
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 6:21am View
Maybe this sign is unicode and its size is really 2 bytes and your column is char(xx).
Then even if length of string is correct this will be to much for DB. Check this in sql script because I am just guessing now.
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 2:30am View
When? Where? At least say something about technology you using. Web? Desktop?
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 2:28am View
Why not hide second combo until user fill out first?
n.podbielski 13-Oct-12 2:14am View
First: i received 3 notification of comments, but I can see one. Are you sure your code was not shortened as is to long for comment?
Maybe improve your answer with it.

Second: you are not using jQuery UI dialog as I suspected so my solution wont do you any good.
Third: Your server events should work with JS like this. Are you want to do that on server side or client side?
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 17:20pm View
Can you paste your code? Maybe we can work something out?
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 8:04am View
I read your solution first time now. I will try it and let you now if this is working?
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 7:36am View
I don't think that is good idea to mix fetching DB data and presentation data.
I would prefer to create some GridUserDataClass and in special property NextApointment have something like this:
//LastApp + 3month
//LastApp + 4month
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 5:57am View
And what do you mean by fixed? Hm?
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 5:54am View
Did you want to add this appoitment to DB?
If yes: you cannot mix select and insert in one statement like this.
If no: just select all user data from DB and then iterate collection and create new appointment
n.podbielski 12-Oct-12 5:45am View
This dll have many versions for different .net versions, different systems itp.
You probably using wrong one.
Use NuGet to add Sqlite to you project. This manager should take care of this problem.
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 6:14am View
You should stop timer i its tick event and start after to prevent to handlers run in the same time. I am not sure if this is a problem but this general solution for that kind of problem.
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 3:34am View
Can you paste your code?
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 3:33am View
Do you want to that from tsql script?
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 3:20am View
Maybe the problem is writing message to Console in ASP.NET application?
Should you use Page.Response.WriteLine? Or I am missing something?
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 3:17am View
This is local storage:

If you not using this, you should update your Question because it's confusing.
n.podbielski 11-Oct-12 3:11am View
And how exactly it is not working? Can you paste some errors? What is desired behavior?
n.podbielski 9-Oct-12 9:37am View
Great. Maybe add solution to your own answer. :)

It looks like I did not helped you much. Maybe next time.
n.podbielski 8-Oct-12 13:44pm View
Just add inter mediate tier between tour dataset and grid. Then you can create logic for that kind of thinks.
I have always did things that way and this was least error prone. With such a model controls can listen for property change event and any change in code
refresh controls without data rebinding etc.

Let me know if I was helpful.
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 11:12am View
What are the keys of query string?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 10:38am View
Because identity cannot be set at alter column
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 9:40am View
I mean try something like this:
ValueTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Visible", ds, "IsAutoIncrement");

where IsAutoIncrement would be property with hiding logic

IsAutoIncrement {get{
return DataType == "AutoIncrement;

I think that in scroll event dataRepeater.CurrentItem is changing and causing that behavior.
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 9:08am View
Isn't it parents constructors cals?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 8:58am View
I would bind visible property to some property of the model. I think the problem is current item of repeater. Was not it suppose to change when you scroll?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 8:43am View
Oh yeah I missed that. But still. Did you try to breakpoint code hiding those controls?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 7:40am View
Did you test if this ValueTextBoxes, that are hidden incorectly, are hidden on server or on JS?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 7:32am View
Thanks for you reply to. I didn't know about something like this. Interesting.
I thought about more curvy lines some i suggested drawing instead of adding html elemnts. It's more elegant i guess.
But more complicated to. Take care
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 7:25am View
For starter don't place data access code in code behind of Page or User Control.
Place it in separate file.
Don't use sql procedures. It's pain in the back to maintain it.
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 6:23am View
What is count variable? A field?
n.podbielski 4-Oct-12 6:20am View
If you asking if code is good or bad it's definitively badly written.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 11:40am View
I think that this possible to achieve like in most DB engines from command line.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 9:32am View
Heh. You are right it's not important. But i don't see any possibility for private message on CP.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 9:06am View
Are you trying to make VS add in? Or you using VS as IDE.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 8:57am View
Can I ask you where are you from?
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 8:32am View
Then you should vote up solution, because this is only possibility I can think of. How can you do that?
You can change src in button server event.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 8:00am View
Are you using MVC or ASP.NET?
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 7:55am View
You are ridiculous. I don't know people like you. I don't care what you think about yourself as part of some group of people. You don't want to waste your time about asking more descriptive questions then don't expect other people to waste their time answering.

There are NOT mine rules if you using some site, be humble and abide this site rules.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 6:58am View
Yes it is possible.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 6:44am View
Great that at least you read that. It's a start. Now read those on the right when you ask new question. And edit your question above.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 6:17am View
Do you know about ',' and '.'? Those signs are for something.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 5:43am View
I don't think this is possible without ActiveX controls or something similar.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 5:41am View
"This application work finely but when power loss in bill generation"
A what?
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 5:31am View
Thats great.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 5:30am View
I know that you may be upset when someone says something like that. But it's normal. You are human. You do something. You do it wrong, make mistakes. You learn. You are human after all. Please read this post very insteresting posts (they helped me a lot not sometime ago):

Don't give up. My first programs I wroted without documentation and internet. I tried use one approach. If it wasn't working I tried something else. And another. And another one. Why to try and learn and achive something i want to do. It was hard by I did it.

Don't give up. I easy when you grasp it.
Happy coding.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 5:19am View
Damn. I wroted one comment more with more code for you. I probably did not submitted that. Anyway I edited my solution.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 4:34am View
So discard my post and read about document.onload

Use that to attach events to your form.

Without it nothing is ever executed.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 4:29am View
Drop this class if they teaching you something like this. It's bad habit and bad design.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 4:27am View
I did not said that. But you right I am a little cranky today. I am sory for that.
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 3:45am View
Wow. Single sentence question.
If you want to get answer you must ask more explain-what-you-trying-to-do-and-what-you-problem-is questions.

Did you even care to read 'How to ask question' thread?
n.podbielski 3-Oct-12 3:35am View
So what's the problem really? Are you having some errors?

And I think you sould use System.IO.Directory.Exists not file
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Seems like your code is wrong since selects value in drop down twice. You should correct that.
n.podbielski 28-Sep-12 9:19am View
And the question is?
n.podbielski 28-Sep-12 6:18am View
Maybe you can use JqueryUI?
n.podbielski 28-Sep-12 6:08am View
Just add collection as data source.
n.podbielski 28-Sep-12 5:59am View
I think that in this case better will be deriving CRevenue from ExpandoObject.
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1. You should use proper English.
2. Ask you question with more specific information about what you trying to do exactly.
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Aren't you suppose to bind that data in button click event?
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Nice i was looking for something like this :)
n.podbielski 2-Dec-10 2:19am View
Wow! I didn't realize that this is even possible! Thx!
Vote for 5.
n.podbielski 15-Nov-10 11:19am View
Oh... give me a brake! I said that it's usefull, am I? For me it's good.
I don't want to argue. Keep up with your work man :)
n.podbielski 10-Nov-10 1:53am View
It's usefull if you don't know about @"" string.
n.podbielski 6-Nov-10 4:02am View
Nope. This solution it's a pure ASP. My project is running on MVC2.0 framework.
But thanks Anyway! :)
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But where store that id? There is no way for doing that. This is just walking in circles...
n.podbielski 22-Oct-10 3:18am View
Of course there was some errors and typos. I didn't write this in compiler but here.
I just wanted to present you possible solution of the problem more like give you fully working code, especially without knowledge of on what you working in that project :)
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So... you basicly wan't to write a script which opens you a certain web page without loggin to it first?
Isn't a cookies in browser for that? A checkbox 'remeber me' on that page?
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And you changed a server adress to? If not it would authentication error since at gmail there is not such account.
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Man it would save as a LOT of time if you said that before... huh...
(still VB is a language not a kind of project)

I don't know what directory u are browsing but you have to remeber that even as a user of admin role in windows
you don't have access to every directory. For example you cannot view 'System Volume Information' on every disk root dir. So you have to disable this from search somehow or this code never get deeper in any dir from root (it will stop in root because of this).
My guess is to try search for files in every directory, than search for directories, and get deeper in catalog tree.

I hope this will help you :)
n.podbielski 19-Oct-10 7:05am View
I uderstood that, but a side of that, web pages (you didn't corrected me so I was right, right? this is web page) just don't have access to any directories except it's own.
It just work that way.
I don't say that your code allowed any malicious user activities but u just can't predict anything, so you can't be sure that it can't be done.

U can try running project on IIS as another user whom has access to every directory on server, but...
maybe it will be better to think of some other program running on system not connected directly with web page, returning result for given directory.

But it's just my advice :)